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Take Two Tablespoons A Day Of This Natural Remedy And Melt Your Abdominal Fat

Take Two Tablespoons A Day Of This Natural Remedy And Melt Your Abdominal Fat

To lose weight, some people are ready to do anything, even if they try to drastic diets or worse, go under the scalpel. However, to have a fine silhouette, only regular sporting activity and healthy eating are effective. But it is always possible to boost the weight loss process by opting for natural fat burning drinks.

The accumulation of fat in the body is much more than an aesthetic problem, because it has been linked to many health problems, including hypertension, type 2 diabetes or cardiovascular disease. Thus, it is important to maintain a healthy weight to preserve its health and avoid these pathologies.

For this, the practice of sport regularly as well as a healthy and balanced diet are essential. People who want to lose weight should be willing to make many changes in lifestyle in order to achieve their goal.
Sport :
  • Three training sessions per week minimum
  • Varying Exercises
  • Work the entire body and not just the resistant areas
  • Choosing multi-articular exercises that solicit multiple muscles at once
  • To drink a lot of water
  • Eat lots of fruits and vegetables, preferably seasonal
  • Consume lean protein
  • Focus on complex carbohydrates
  • Eat 5 to 6 meals a day, taking care to reduce servings. Ideally make 3 main meals and 2 to 3 snacks
  • Consume foods rich in fatty acids (good fat) such as avocados, fatty fish, nuts, seeds ...
Besides these two imperatives, it is also possible to maximize the results of weight loss by consuming natural fat burning drinks.

Here's an easy recipe:

  •   Juice of 4 lemons
  •   2 cm grated ginger root
  •   2 tablespoons cinnamon
  •   ¼ cup fresh water

Preparation and use:

Place all the ingredients in a blender and mix until a homogeneous consistency is achieved.

Pour the mixture into an airtight glass jar and consume two tablespoons before dinner. Take a three-week course to be renewed after two months.

Benefits of Ingredients:
Lemon is the king of detox but also of thinness! This ingredient that is used in various beauty recipes, especially to care for the skin, is a true health ally. Indeed, this citrus fruit helps to fight against the symptoms of the cold and the flu and helps to strengthen the immune system, but also to purify the body.

Lemon also helps to lose weight as it boosts metabolism through its richness in vitamin C, and increases the feeling of satiety because it has a high dietary fiber content.

Caution: Lemon is not recommended for stomach ulcers, bile and kidney problems.

Ginger :

Ideal for relieving nausea and vomiting caused by transport sickness or pregnancy, ginger is also a powerful anti-inflammatory that helps to treat many ailments.

But not that, this ingredient also has slimming virtues. Indeed, thanks to the process of thermogenesis that it causes, the ginger, pushes the body to draw from its reserves of fat, which allows to burn more.

Caution: Ginger is not recommended for pregnant and breastfeeding women, for the weak and those with diabetes.

Used in the kitchen, cinnamon is also known for its many health benefits. Indeed, this ingredient is effective in relieving bloating and nausea, controlling blood sugar levels and also to improve digestion.

Cinnamon also has interesting slimming properties. By acting as an appetite suppressant, limiting sugar cravings and promoting the burning of fat deposits, this spice can help lose weight.

Attention, cinnamon should be consumed in moderation. In case of excess, it can cause nausea and palpitations.