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15 Ways To Use Tiger Balm - Everyone Must Have One At Home!

Baume du Tigre is an ointment with many therapeutic benefits. Consisting of various ingredients beneficial to health, this product can ...

Tiger Balm

Baume du Tigre is an ointment with many therapeutic benefits. Consisting of various ingredients beneficial to health, this product can help relieve several daily ailments. Here are 15 different uses of Tiger Balm.

Invented by Chinese Aw Chu Kin, Baume du Tigre is a product with multiple therapeutic virtues. This product consists of menthol, camphor, mint oil and clove and paraffin.

One distinguishes between different varieties of Tiger Balm, which in addition to the aforementioned essential ingredients, contain others like the essence of eucalyptus or blackcurrant.

Thanks to its multiple properties, Tiger Balm can be used in several ways:

Relieve bites of the mosquitoes: it is enough to put in small quantities on the area to be treated and to massage the skin well.

Removing insects: its strong smell makes flee the insects that do not support it. Place an uncovered Tiger Balm jar in different places in your bedroom especially during the summer. The insects will not enter.

Protect wooden furniture: Apply Tiger Balm to some parts of your wooden furniture, infected by termites and they will quickly disappear.

Calming joint and muscle pain: thanks to its heating action, Tiger Balm can help relieve painful joints and muscles. It is enough to apply a little on the parties concerned.

To eliminate paint stains: after a painting session, you probably have it all over the place. Apply Tiger Balm to your skin and rub lightly with a towel to remove it.

Anti sweating: apply a little on the parts that sweat most like the armpits. The Tiger balm thanks to its astringent properties will limit the sweating and reduce bad odors.

Relieve sore throat: as soon as you feel the first signs of a sore throat, apply a dab of Tiger Balm on your neck, preferably in the evening.

Calm toothache: Soak a clean cloth from a small amount of this product and then apply on the tooth that hurts. Leave 5 minutes before you rinse your mouth. The Tiger Balm has a powerful anesthetic action, but be careful not to swallow it.

Soothe light burns: immediately apply Tiger Balm if you burn yourself while cooking, to avoid blistering. This product will also help calm the pain.

Get rid of corns on the feet: use Tiger Balm regularly on your feet to prevent and soften the corns and calluses.

Relieve Headaches: Menthol in Tiger Balm has a refreshing, anesthetic action that helps relieve headaches. Apply a small amount to your temples and massage.

Unclog your nose: if you have a cold, you have a stuffy nose. To breathe better, apply Tiger Balm to your nostrils.

Remove stickers: difficult to take off old stickers without leaving traces? To help you do this, apply Tiger Balm over them and they will peel off more easily.

Warm the feet: for the more chilly during the winter, apply a good amount of Tiger Balm helps to warm them. Use it at night before sleeping and wear socks. In addition to warm-up, this tip will also allow you to have a gentle foot skin.

Eliminate bad odors from shoes: Place an open Tiger Balm jar in your shoes and let it sit overnight. This will eliminate foul odors.