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3 Simple Exercises To Relieve Knee Pain Without Drugs Or Surgery

3 Simple Exercises To Relieve Knee Pain Without Drugs Or Surgery

3 Simple Exercises To Relieve Knee Pain Without Drugs Or Surgery

Knee pain is one of the most common health problems. Caused by multiple factors such as aging, overweight, intense physical exertion or some trauma, it can be so intense that it becomes disabling on a daily basis and prevents the person who suffers from it from leading a normal life. To relieve it without the use of medication or surgery, here are 3 simple exercises recommended by Dr. Jo, an approved physiotherapist.

Because of the aforementioned factors, the cartilage in the knee gradually wears out, causing friction between the bones and the onset of pain. To strengthen the articulation of the knee, alleviate the pressure that it undergoes daily and thus to reduce the pain, Dr. Jo proposes these 3 exercises effective and very easy to realize.

3 exercises to relieve knee pain

Exercise 1: Steps Up

Steps Up

To complete this exercise, you will only need a stack of books with thick, solid cover. Place 3 or 4 on top of each other, then place your right foot on it, keeping the other foot on the floor. Next, move your weight on your right foot, making sure that your knee does not protrude the line of your toes. Slowly lift your left foot off the floor, bringing it close to your right foot, without placing it on the pile. Use the muscles of your thigh to perform this exercise. If you feel that you are having difficulty balancing, do not hesitate to lean on a piece of furniture or something else. It is essential to count up to 3 by lifting your foot off the floor and downhill. Do 10 repetitions before changing sides.

Exercise 2: Lunges


While standing, place your stack of books in front of you, then step forward with your left leg, so that the books are just below your right knee. Bend your left knee and slowly lower your body down, so that your right knee touches the stack of books. Be sure to keep your back straight and that your left knee does not protrude beyond your toes. As for the previous exercise, count up to 3 by going down and up. Do 10 repetitions before changing sides.

Exercise 3: Squats


For this last exercise, you will not need a stack of books, but rather a chair, an armchair or a coffee table. Place your back to your chair or table, spreading the feet to shoulder width. Then, keeping your back straight, bend your knees and slowly go down by pushing the pelvis back as if you were going to sit down. But once you have touched the edge of your bracket, move slowly back to your original position. As with the previous two, it is important to perform this exercise slowly and to ensure that the knees do not protrude beyond the toes. 

Do 10 repetitions of this exercise.