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5 Things That Happen When You Stop Epilating Your Pubic Hair

5 Things That Happen When You Stop Epilating Your Pubic Hair

Stop Epilating Your Pubic Hair

Nowadays, hair removal rhymes with hygiene and glamor and having apparent hair can be frowned upon. Complete eradication, especially at the pubic level, can have adverse consequences. If the human being is provided with hair on this area, it is so that it is protected. Here are 5 reasons why you should not touch it!

Protect your intimate parts

Although they are not always synonymous with elegance in a woman, hairs nonetheless have a main mission which is to protect certain fragile areas. The intimate zone is protected from various bacteria and viral infections thanks to pubic hair that acts as a shield. Since the genital area is always moist, such an environment tends to become a suitable site for the development of microbes. This is the reason why pubic hair forms a kind of protective sheath against external aggressions.

For those who are adepts of the depilation of the intimate parts, know that if you do it for reasons of hygiene, it is enough to clean the external part with the water and possibly a mild soap exit therefore the razor blades and The bands of wax that risk doing more harm than good!

Additionally, pubic hair also protects against any physical injury that may be caused by sporting activities such as riding or cycling. Indeed, they help cushion the shock and protect your intimate parts from uncomfortable pain.

Avoid irritating your skin

The use of a razor blade can be truly harmful to the skin and cause irritation not visible to the naked eye. The razor causes microscopic cuts in the skin of the pubis. This zone being particularly sensitive, such cuts may cause inflammation and exacerbate its fragility. Especially since recurrent use of the razor irritates the skin and causes painful itching. It should be noted that these drawbacks are not peculiar to the razor, to resort to other alternatives, in particular the wax is just as risky as to the appearance of irritations.

Avoid the risk of friction

Hair removal of the pubic hair usually leads to a risk of friction between the upper thighs which may aggravate the irritations mentioned above. It is an unpleasant sensation, mainly for women who wear tight pants or those with thighs touching.

Additionally, as pubic hair is a source of lubrication, opting to maintain it will increase moisture and perspiration in the intimate areas and reduce the risk of friction between the thighs. You will no longer have to suffer unnecessary itching and be obsessed with the famous "thigh gap" to relieve your discomfort and feel better in your body.

Maintain ambient temperature

In addition to their role as shock absorbers, one of the other essential tasks of the hairs in mammals is to protect them from external temperature variations and to maintain a stable body temperature. During harsh winters, the pubic hair ensures the comfort of the genitals by keeping them in a warm and cozy environment. On the other hand, when temperatures rise, the glands of the follicles of the pubic hair secrete a fatty substance that not only lubricates the area but also to cool and soothe it.

The pubic hair thus has the vocation to operate as a system for regulating the temperature of the intimate zone and this, whatever the external environment.

Boost Your Libido

Even if the tendency is that pubic hair removal is an attractive asset for many women, it is totally subjective and depends on the taste of each and every one. Although this phenomenon depends essentially on the habits and customs of the partner, it turns out that many men and women are more excited by the perspiration of their partners than by the perfume that they could release.

As mentioned in the article, pubic hair promotes transpiration and lubrication of the intimate parts, which allows to produce pheromones (natural substances secreted to attract its partner) these being produced by human beings only when they sweat. Beyond their medical benefits, pubic hair also helps to boost libido.