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A Mother Is Shocked When She Sees Her Son At Birth With Black Spots, So The Doctor Reveals The Unbelievable

A Mother Is Shocked When She Sees Her Son At Birth With Black Spots, So The Doctor Reveals The Unbelievable

Son At Birth With Black Spots

The view of society plays an important role in personal development. All the more so because at a young age the criticisms and the interrogative glances between children on the physical differences are marked. However, some young boys and girls surprise us with their courage on a daily basis.

This is the case of this little boy, who faces the surprised looks of others when they see him, knowing that even his mother was surprised by her physical appearance at birth. Discover its history and the origin of its difference!

The surprising birth of this little boy

This little boy named Dylan is now five years old but when he was born, his mom and doctors were surprised by his physical appearance. Indeed, it has a congenital cutaneous abnormality caused by a defect of embryogenesis. This anomaly is called the congenital giant nevus and affects only one in every 50,000.

Approximately 80% of the body is covered with dark red-colored birthmarks that can be seen as blood plaques.

People with nevus are more likely to develop skin cancer because this anomaly is due to the mutation of a cell during the first months of pregnancy.

Given the size of the birthmark on his back, the doctors wanted to perform surgery to remove and transplant skin from other parts of his body. However, this operation was impossible because of the young age of the baby and it had to wait until it grew.

To make sure they have enough skin for transplantation, doctors decided to insert implants, similar to breast implants, into the boy's body. The idea being to have enough excess skin, Dylan wore the implants for three months.

In total, Dylan underwent approximately 26 operations and the doctors managed to halve the size of the birthmark. Dylan's mother, Kara, hopes the spots will not become cancerous.

The little boy is under close dermatological control and undergoes surgical procedures every three to six months, depending on the area of the body, in order to remove as many stains as possible. And despite this calamity, Dylan remains a happy and smiling little boy.

Kara explains that they try to do the best for Dylan so that he has a long and peaceful life afterwards. She says her son constantly astonishes him because he is always smiling and is not afraid to explain to people what happens to him when they look at him strangely.

The small family has already experienced shocking events as was the case in a supermarket. The store manager asked them to leave because one of the guests was upset about seeing Dylan. But they refuse to be ashamed of an exceptional little boy like Dylan, which is why they created a Facebook page to explain their struggle and sensitize others to the congenital giant nevi. Indeed, this anomaly of birth is still misunderstood by many people.

Dylan is a courageous and cute little boy beyond his birthmarks and we hope his future operations will go smoothly. Share his story to make this anomaly known and encourage him in his fight!