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Each Part Of The Hand Is Associated With A Specific Part Of The Body. Put Pressure On It And Watch The Result!

Each Part Of The Hand Is Associated With A Specific Part Of The Body. Put Pressure On It And Watch The Result!

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Acupressure is a 5,000-year-old therapy that is derived from traditional Chinese medicine, which involves exerting pressure on specific points in different parts of the body. The goal is to strengthen vital energy and self healing abilities. The palm of the hand, especially contains various pressure points that help relieve several ailments.

Acupressure is most often used to relieve headache, neck or back pain, to calm nausea and vomiting, and to fight hypertension and hiccups.

You can also use this technique to simply relax and evacuate mental or physical stress. Its positive influence on the body and on the healing process is no longer to be demonstrated.

There are pressure points on different parts of the body. The palm of the hand, in particular, is a true map, where each zone is linked to a precise organ, thanks to the meridians.

Thus, by exerting pressure on a specific point with the fingers, it is possible to reduce tensions and alleviate several problems. This also balances the vital energy and promotes blood circulation.

Here is an image allowing to know the zones corresponding to the organs on the palm of the hand:

Each part of the hand is associated with a specific part of the body

To help you locate yourself in this card, know that the thumb of the left hand corresponds to the back, the index finger to the right and left arms, the middle finger corresponds to the head, the little finger corresponds to the left and right feet, The palm of the hand corresponds to the belly and the chest.

Practical advice :

To obtain palpable results, it is essential to repeat the same steps over several sessions. Whenever you touch the pressure points, you promote the balance of your vital energy and therefore your body.

By practicing acupressure, do not expect immediate cure. Sometimes you need several sessions before you experience the effects of acupressure. This therapy only relieves pain by reducing blockages and restoring balance to the body. It can be practiced several times a day. Frequent manipulation of the pressure point can only initiate healing and relieve pain.

An exercise to relieve wrist pain

The wrist of the hand is constantly solicited on a daily basis, so here is how to relieve its pains and tensions.

With the thumb of the right hand, stimulate the small hollows on each side of the left wrist. A gesture that will boost your seasonal energy.

The right thumb should be placed inside the left wrist, three fingers under the flexion crease. By exerting 3 pressures, the fingers of the left hand will fold, because this movement acts on the flexor muscles of the fingers. Then, slide the right thumb and index finger in the middle of the wrist, and exert 3 new pressures.

Caution: For babies and pregnant women, acupressure sessions should be done by a professional.