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Every Night, This Man Puts A Bar Of Soap Under His Sheets - The Reason Is Baffling!

Every Night, This Man Puts A Bar Of Soap Under His Sheets - The Reason Is Baffling!

Sleep is of vital importance for the proper functioning of our body. However, certain physical and neurological disturbances disturb sleep as is the case with restless legs syndrome, also known as restless in the legs at night. To relieve this condition, discover an incredible trick with a simple bar of soap!

Restless Legs Syndrome

Restless leg syndrome is illustrated by an irrepressible need to move the legs in an extended or sitting position. This need arises from discomfort in the lower limbs such as tingling or tingling, usually from the knee to the ankles. Since symptoms occur mostly in the evening and at night, chronic insomnia is observed which reduces the quality of life in view of fatigue and daytime sleepiness.

People most sensitive to Restless Legs Syndrome are people aged 50 and older, as well as people with chronic diseases such as diabetes or kidney failure as well as pregnant women during the third trimester of pregnancy. However, the syndrome disappears a few weeks after childbirth.

The causes of this neurological disorder are still poorly understood although several avenues are conceivable as the hereditary ground. A lack of dopamine in the brain and spinal cord would also be involved. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that allows the nerves to communicate with each other and regulate the movements.

Factors also cause restless leg syndrome attacks such as stress and anxiety, fatigue, alcohol and caffeine abuse, iron deficiency, certain medications, obesity and poor blood circulation.

Restless legs syndrome is often misdiagnosed as it tends to worsen with age. The first symptoms experienced in the calves extend to the thighs and even to the arms in the most severe cases. The attacks of restless legs nocturnes occur more often, that is why it is necessary to treat this disorder.

Treatment is based on a change in lifestyle and, when disorders are particularly troublesome, on the use of anxiolytics, sedatives or iron supplements. However, some tricks help relieve symptoms as is the case with this trick!

The incredible tip of the bar of soap

All you have to do is place a bar of 100% natural Marseille soap in a nylon stocking or a cotton pocket under your sheets. You can also rub the dry mattress before putting on your sheet-cover. The calming effect of this trick is explained by the fact that the soap releases potassium whose deficiency causes this kind of nighttime discomfort. Bring your leg closer to the soap as soon as a crisis of restless legs appears so as to optimize its effectiveness. Also prefer lavender soap for its relaxing and pleasant smell.

Discover also the good gestures in case of restless legs crisis!

What to do in case restless legs crisis ?

To relieve your legs, certain simple and fast gestures are effective like:

- Move or tramp if you are sitting
- Stretching and bending your legs
- Massage your legs
- Take a shower by alternating the jet of cold and hot water
- Do activities that occupy the whole of your mind (painting, embroidering, writing)