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Massage Pressure Between Your Eyebrows. See What Happens To Your Health! It Is Magic !

Massage Pressure Between Your Eyebrows. See What Happens To Your Health! It Is Magic !

Find out what happens to your body when you get pressure between eyebrow massage. Known as acupressure, this ancient Chinese self-massage is performed on several parts of the body like forehead and temples and it has incredible health effects. 

This technique helps to relieve headaches and sinuses, reduce stress, anxiety and boost the immune system. Its purpose is to stimulate acupuncture points through finger pressures. The forehead or more precisely the point between the eyebrows is one of the areas and points of acupressure.

pressure between eyebrows Massage

Acupressure is a therapy discovered more than 5,000 years ago in Asia and is widely used in traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine. For practical reasons, this therapy has defined 365 points in the human body and each point has a name and a particular function. The massage and pressure of these points has many benefits on various parts of the body. We decided today to talk about pressure between eyebrows massage health effect.

What are the benefits of pressure points between the eyebrows?

According to many scientists and researchers, massage and pressure applied to certain points and areas of the body can have an impact and influence on different organs.

The place where your massage should be concentrated is the governing meridian. This is the area in the center of your forehead that goes down and crosses the center of your face. This point is called "the third eye" or GV 24. It is located between the eyebrows, slightly above the nose, at the join of the nose and forehead. When stimulated, this meridian can release the energy already created and is blocked inside and so it can restore balance to the body. This released energy is necessary for good blood circulation and proper functioning of the organs.

For massage, it is important to gently press this area while massaging upward for almost one minute. This massage relieves muscle tension, improves blood circulation and stimulates and improves metabolism. It also helps to improve concentration, relieve headaches and strengthen the sense of intuition.

This technique of acupressure also has rejuvenating effects. According to studies, this massage helps to prevent wrinkles, rejuvenate the skin and activate the regeneration process. In addition, it affects the lymphatic system which eliminates nervous tension and helps to eliminate toxins by activating one of the parts of the brain called the amygdala. 

This technique is also very beneficial against dizziness, chronic sinusitis, runny nose and nose bleeds and also advised to people who suffer from psychological problems like anxiety, panic attacks, fear and depression.

Here are other acupressure points that will help you relieve headaches and stress:

The Nei Guan or PC 6: This point lies along the meridian of the heart which has a very important role in the hyperactivity of the nervous system. To find this point, simply measure the length of three fingers from the wrist to the forearm. Perform firm pressure with the thumb and gently rotate the thumb in a circular motion to massage the acupressure point for 2-3 minutes.

LI4: This point is located between the index finger and the thumb. It helps restore calm in the event of sleep disorders, excessive agitation, irritability, stress and anxiety. A massage on this point is very useful for relieving headaches, periodic pain, abdominal pain and digestive disorders. Simply apply firm pressure to this point for three minutes while breathing deeply.

The GB20: This point lies below the base of the skull, in the hollows on both sides of the neck, between the two vertical muscles of the neck. It relieves pain and aches by naturally releasing painkillers known as endorphins. This massage can be applied to relieve stiffness, especially in people who suffer from arthritis pain, fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue. 

For massage, press these two sides using your thumbs and fingers and gradually apply pressure.Close your eyes and breathe deeply as you tilt your head backwards slowly for two to three minutes. Direct the pressure firmly into the center of your head.

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