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Say Goodbye To Bad Breath, Plaque, Tartar And Harmful Bacteria In Your Mouth With This Magical Trick!

Say Goodbye To Bad Breath, Plaque, Tartar And Harmful Bacteria In Your Mouth With This Magical Trick!

Say Goodbye To Bad Breath, Plaque, Tartar And Harmful Bacteria

Dental plaque, tartar and bad breath are all dental problems that should not be overlooked. The external and internal factors responsible for these problems are many and varied, but they can be remedied naturally by means of the oil pulling technique.

Bad breath, tooth decay and plaque are usually the result of poor oral hygiene, including non-regular teeth brushing. However, consuming too sweet foods, tobacco and alcohol can also cause these problems.

Not treated in time, they can develop and cause more serious disorders. For example, dental plaque can develop into tartar, which will affect the health of teeth and gums and increase the risk of gingivitis.

An untreated caries will reach the nerve and dental pulp. The bacteria it contains then pass into the bloodstream to bind to the platelets involved in blood clotting, causing the formation of clots and therefore increasing the risk of heart problems.
It is therefore important to have an irreproachable oral hygiene to prevent all these problems. In addition to brushing your teeth regularly, it is also possible to protect your teeth and gums by trying the oil pulling.

The oil pulling:

Oil pulling or oil painting is a method of cleaning the oral cavity, widely used in Ayurvedic medicine. This technique is based on mouthwashes with oils, which helps to eliminate the bacteria present in the mouth and which can cause various oral problems. The oil pulling thus helps to preserve the health of teeth and gums.

The benefits of oil pulling:
  • A fresh breath
  • The progressive disappearance of bleeding, irritation and inflammation of the gums
  • Significant reduction of pathogenic bacteria in your mouth
  • Less risk of developing cavities

Which oil to choose?

Depending on tastes and preferences, several oils can be used to make oil pulling. But oils of sesame, olive and coconut remain the most appreciated.

Coconut oil is distinguished by its taste and texture. Being solid at room temperature, it becomes liquid as soon as it heats. It has the advantage of having powerful antiseptic and antibacterial powers which make it possible to eliminate the bacteria responsible for caries and to refresh the breath.

Sesame oil, on the other hand, has antiviral, antibacterial and fungicidal properties. It is particularly effective against pathogenic bacteria, purifies the oral cavity and can make the mucous membranes more flexible and also acts by immunizing them against pathogens.

How to perform oil pulling?

Make a mouthwash with a tablespoon of coconut oil, sesame or olive for 10 to 20 minutes. By mixing with saliva, these oils will absorb and evacuate the toxins and become white and frothy. Then spit the oil and rinse well the mouth with water, to evacuate the bacteria immediately.

This should be done after brushing your teeth. Recall that this is a natural mouth wash and that it does not replace the brushing of the teeth. Do not hesitate to change the type of oil each time in order to benefit from their different benefits and identify the one that suits you best.

Warning: Be careful not to swallow the oil!

For maximum efficiency, the mouthwash in oil should be accompanied by regular cleaning of the spaces between the teeth with a dental floss and a brushing of the tongue.