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She Applies This Product To Her Body Every Day, Her Body Is Transformed! It Does Not Return

She Applies This Product To Her Body Every Day, Her Body Is Transformed! It Does Not Return

She Applies This Product To Her Body Every Day

Natural extract, Vaseline is a product that has many properties and can be used for different purposes. Discover some of its uses that make it successful.

Erika Katz, a beauty journalist made a book of it in the 90s, describing the many benefits of beauty.

With a dense texture and a neutral odor, petroleum jelly is a transparent product that can be found in almost all households. This can be used for various purposes.

To have soft feet:

Because of its greasy texture, Vaseline is a moisturizing product par excellence. If you have calluses, corns, or have dry feet, apply a generous layer of Vaseline on, then put on socks and let it act all night. Your feet will become softer after a few uses.

Remove glue from fake eyelashes:

Thanks to its greasy texture, Vaseline can help remove false eyelashes and remove the glue used to set them up. Simply put a small amount at the level of the lashes of the upper eyelid and rub lightly with your finger to soften the eyelashes and take off. Remove them gently so as not to damage your real eyelashes.

To exfoliate the skin:

Yes, Vaseline can also be used to exfoliate the skin! Mix a small amount of Vaseline with salt and apply this scrub on your face by making circular motions. Vaseline will nourish the skin, while salt will act as an exfoliant.

Exfoliate your skin for 2 to 3 minutes, then wash your face with a mild soap. It is important to remove petroleum jelly residues, as it can clog pores. Finish with a moisturizing product for a gentle skin.

Protect the eyebrows after a self-tanning session:

To avoid unpleasant surprises after a self-tanning session, use the power of Vaseline. Apply on your eyebrows as well as on the birth of the hair, to avoid "tanning". Believe us this is not very pretty to see.

You can wash them afterwards to remove petroleum jelly.

Shine leather shoes:

Your leather shoes have taken a shot of old? Do not panic, make them rejuvenate using vaseline. This fat product indeed makes them shine. If you do not have a special product for leather shoes on hand, go for petroleum jelly, just apply a small amount on the shoes using a brush for that effect or a clean cloth.

Facilitate eyebrow hair removal:

Hair removal of eyebrows is not always a part of pleasure, especially if you do it yourself. To make it easier, apply a little petroleum jelly on the eyebrows, and you will notice that the tweezers will slide more easily.

Remove makeup :

Nothing better than a fat product to remove makeup quickly. Apply a dab of petroleum jelly to your face and make circular movements to remove everything. Then wash your face with a soft gel or soap to remove any residue from makeup and petroleum jelly.
It is true that Vaseline can clog the pores of the facial skin, but only if you leave it long!

Holding the perfume longer:

Vaseline can help fix the fragrance longer. Just apply it to key areas like the wrist or neck, specifically behind the ears, before putting on perfume. It will last longer.

Soften the lips:

Nothing is better than vaseline to soften dry and chapped lips. Apply a generous layer throughout the day to nourish and soften your lips. Vaseline will also protect them in cold weather.

Moisturizing the cuticles:

Due to lack of maintenance, cuticles can become dry. To moisturize them, replace your cuticle creams with petroleum jelly to nourish them. Apply it every night before sleeping on your cuticles.