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She Is 51 Years Old But Seems To Have 20. Her Youthful Secret Is A Trick You Have At Home

She Is 51 Years Old But Seems To Have 20. Her Youthful Secret Is A Trick You Have At Home

Our skin and hair undergo daily changes and aggressions that can harm their health and appearance. Excessive exposure to the sun, the use of unsuitable chemicals, temperature changes and pollution are the main factors. Do not panic, here is a secret of youth revealed by a 51 year old woman, to give your skin its shine and sharpness.

Keiko Yamada is a 51-year-old Japanese celebrity but appears to have only 20. Her skin is perfect and glowing and contains no wrinkles. Keiko has not undergone any cosmetic surgery, but admits to being very passionate about care and natural products. Discover an anti-aging mask delivered by the Japanese star.

An anti-aging mask of the skin:


- 3 tablespoons of rice
- 1 tablespoon of milk
- 1 tablespoon honey


Boil the rice in a saucepan and drain it, but do not throw away the water and keep it in a container. Then heat the milk and add it to the rice, mix the ingredients while crushing the rice, then add the honey.

Use :

Clean your skin well and then apply the mask to your face. Let it work for about 20 minutes and then remove using water from the rice. You can use this mask up to 2 times a week, you will notice in a few days only a clear improvement of your skin.

Benefits of Ingredients:

Rice: This star food in Asia contains inositol (vitamin B7), which helps to treat skin problems, delay its aging, and stimulate blood circulation. It is also very rich in vitamin B, which is very beneficial for cellular regeneration of the skin, hair and nails and protects them from external aggressions. The rice also has anti-wrinkle, exfoliating and moisturizing effects and it eliminates dead cells and blemishes.

Honey: This golden liquid can do miracles on your skin. It is moisturizing, anti-aging, antioxidant, healing, antiseptic, softening and it protects the skin from UV rays, stimulating its renewal and regeneration. Honey is rich in minerals and vitamins (A, B and C) that nourish your skin deep.

Milk: Very well known for its incredible benefits to the skin, milk is the best ally beauty used for several decades. Thanks to its lactic acid content, the milk clears the skin, improves the complexion and eliminates the brown spots of the face. It also helps to clean your face and shrink the pores. Milk contains antioxidants which have the role of fighting the free radicals favoring the aging of the skin. In addition, to eliminate wrinkles and fine lines, milk is your remedy.

The benefits of rice water:

As we explained earlier, rice has many virtues for the skin. In rice water, the concentration of almost all components and the benefits of rice is even greater. Rice water contains a large amount of inositol, folic acid, iron, potassium, zinc and magnesium. These components make it possible to give radiance, softness, tonicity and protection to your skin. The water of the rice combats the inflammations and irritations of the skin, and prevents its aging.

Moreover, this water allows to give an incomparable softness and brilliance to your hair. Other health benefits of rice water include:

- It is a good source of energy (recommended for children, pregnant and lactating women)

- Ideal for treating gastrointestinal problems (diarrhea, nausea, vomiting ...)

- It regulates the temperature of the body