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This Woman Claims To Have 5 Babies In Her Womb - Then The Doctors Discover The Horrible Lie At Birth

This Woman Claims To Have 5 Babies In Her Womb - Then The Doctors Discover The Horrible Lie At Birth

Woman Claims To Have 5 Babies In Her Womb

When we meet someone, we make efforts so that the relationship can evolve positively. We make projects with our partner to look in the same direction. But some life paths show that trust is something valuable and that once broken, a couple can shatter.

This is what happened unfortunately for this couple when doctors discovered the unlikely truth behind the pregnancy of this woman's quintuplets ... Discover their story!

The unlikely pregnancy of a woman

The couple, originally from Montreal, Canada, is Paul, 35, and Barbara, 37. They met on the internet in the summer of 2013 and quickly began a love story.

Pretty soon, after 2 months, their relationship was consolidated by Barbara's pregnancy. Even if it was premature, Paul was already looking forward to becoming a father.

Initially, the couple was expecting twins but eventually Barbara announced that they were expecting quadruplets and then ... quintuplets!

When Paul's entourage heard this news, they exclaimed with joy. However, the arrival of five babies is financially difficult, so the future parents decided to create a Facebook page in order to ask for additional help. Internet users were touched by this request and the couple received incredible support.

Arriving towards the 34th week of pregnancy, the time had come to give birth. Paul therefore drove his companion urgently to the hospital of Sainte-Justine in Montreal.

It was on that day that the medical team made an unlikely discovery after examining the future mother. It turns out she was not pregnant and had never been pregnant!

Barbara had never gone to ultrasounds and had lied about the number of children she was expecting. She was lying to Paul from the beginning!

Paul was so devastated by this betrayal that he immediately left her, without asking Barbara for any explanation. He had to mourn his "children" to whom he had already chosen the first names .

Doctors have thought of a nervous pregnancy.

A nervous pregnancy is characterized by all the symptoms related to pregnancy at a close detail: the pregnancy test is negative. Women who suffer from this pathology illustrate an imperial need to be pregnant or a contrario, the uncontrollable fear of waiting for a newborn. Sometimes these two feelings are mingled in young women. As for the more mature women, they are likely to have a nervous pregnancy because they dread the fact of not being able to be pregnant.

However, the medical profession does not agree with Barbara's symptoms. The gynecologist, Isabelle Girard, explains her big belly by simply pushing her belly forward or eating more. And regarding the loss of water that Paul claims to have seen and the production of milk in Barbara's breasts, the gynecologist suspects urinary incontinence and intense stimulation of the nipples.

No treatment exists for these phantom pregnancies. Barbara underwent a psychological assessment in view of the unique nature of this case.

Paul's friends discovered that it was not the first time she was lying on one of her "pregnancies."

Lately, she started pretending to be pregnant with another man she had also met on the internet. The latter wished to attend the gynecological appointments. Barbara always found a good reason for him not to attend and it was in this way that he discovered the lie.

Barbara publicly apologized for all these false pregnancies and apologized especially to Paul and her family.

Lying, when it is pathological, becomes destructive both for the liar and for the one who believed the lie. Even if lying is anchored in our present society for reasons of propriety, some abuse the other because of a lack of self-esteem or for the pleasure of manipulation. In the latter case, the mythomaniac no longer feels any guilt and believes in his own stories. Yet lying makes it very lonely and the truth still ends up being unveiled because: "When lying takes the elevator, the truth takes the stairs. It takes more time but it always ends up happening "(Anonymous).