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A Famous Dermatologist Reveals How To Remove Brown Spots On The Face And Skin With This Simple Trick!

A Famous Dermatologist Reveals How To Remove Brown Spots On The Face And Skin With This Simple Trick!

A Famous Dermatologist Reveals How To Remove Brown Spots

Affecting both men and women, the brown spots turn out to be unsightly. They are complex and sometimes linked to old age, which is a problem for people who are afraid of aging. Yet it is possible to get rid of it naturally through simple tip!

Appearing in the face, neck and hands, brown spots are the result of hyperpigmentation of the skin caused by excessive production of melanin. Indeed, due to various factors, an overproduction of melanocytes, that is to say cells increasing the production of melanin, appears and leaves room for brown spots.

Factors in these brown spots include overexposure to UV rays, naturally or artificially, pregnancy, hormonal imbalance, pituitary tumors, ie benign lesions, vitamin B deficiency, taking certain hormonal medications, lack of sleep, stress and aging skin.

Although several chemical remedies exist to blend brown spots, it is possible to attenuate them naturally thanks to this anti-brown spots lotion. This recipe comes from the expert in dermatology, Dr. Doug Willen and has proven itself to his patients. You only need two ingredients!

Recipe for a brown spots lotion

  • ½ glass of cider vinegar
  • A red onion

To make this preparation, you just have to mix the peeled onion and cider vinegar. Then, filter the mixture and then store in a glass container such as a glass bottle or a jar of empty jam and previously cleaned.

Application :

Using a piece of cotton, apply to the brown spots of your face and body and leave to soak for about twenty minutes. Finally, rinse with clear water and hydrate your skin, especially in the areas concerned. Perform this treatment every day for a month, avoiding exposure to the sun as a result.

Benefits of Ingredients:

Apple cider vinegar: Cider vinegar improves the quality of the skin as it tones and stimulates blood circulation. Thanks to its antioxidant power, it makes it possible to combat the appearance of the free radicals at the origin of the skin aging and makes it possible to re-balance the pH of the skin. It unclogs the pores, removes dead cells and decreases wrinkles and brown spots as it contains acetic acid. In addition, cider vinegar matifies the complexion and helps to treat skin pathologies such as desquamation.

Onion: Originally from Egypt, where its virtues have been recognized for a long time, the onion holds health benefits but also for beauty care. Indeed, the onion contains sulfur, beneficial in the treatment of acne and antioxidants to combat aging skin. It also helps to cleanse the skin with its antiseptic properties and to alleviate pigmentation spots like brown spots. In addition, onion prevents and cures skin infections such as abscesses, boils and panaris. However, to enjoy the virtues of the onion, choose exclusively onions from organic farming to avoid pesticides and fertilizers that are absolutely harmful to the skin.