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What The Birth Month Your Children Said About Them!

What The Birth Month Your Children Said About Them!

How many of you believe in the zodiac and astrology? Recent research has shown that a baby's birth month has a lot to do with his future attitude and personality. Researchers say your baby's birth month can tell a lot about it before it even grows. Here is a compilation of all the months and personalities of the babies according to their month of birth. This will help you better understand your child and make the parenting role more exciting.


Children born in January are more mature than they are at their age. They tend to seem happier in growing up and over the years they become younger. When they are children, they have difficulty going out and having fun. Most children born in January would prefer to stay home and finish homework rather than go out to play. You can trust them to finish their work without you having to be behind their backs. However, you may have to push them from time to time and encourage them to succeed. Although they are naturally responsible, they do not easily express their emotions. These children are ambitious, hardworking, humble and practical. They are very sensitive and will take the time to heal in case of injury.


Those born in February are creative and imaginative by nature. They are unique, very original and love to stand out from the rest. They learn quickly, absorb information quickly and dislike the routine. They are eccentric and very energetic, with the ability to give life to a dreary room. These children can learn faster than their playmates. They attach great importance to independence and, when they are restricted or limited, they revolt. They love people and animals. They seek peace in the world. They do not like to receive much attention and may even seem cold. Sometimes they may seem indifferent or distant, but do not forget that deep down they feel a lot and have a lot of repressed emotions. They are abstract, very sociable thinkers who have difficulty expressing themselves. They like to have fun, to live the present moment. Romantics inside, superstitious, lively and spending.


Children born in March are timid, secretive, reserved and intuitive. They are very emotional and sometimes scare themselves. They live in a fantastic world and are afraid of monsters and noises too strong. Most often, they create a safer world in their mind and live there for as long as they want. Lovers of peace, those born in March love to take care of others and, in doing so, do not often take care of themselves. Compassion, honesty, generosity and sympathy are traits you can detect in these children. They observe others and recognize kindness when they see it. Most of the time, they contain their emotions, which causes them to get angry and crack easily.


These kids love taking risks. They are very active and energetic. Always keep an eye on them, as it takes a moment for them to jump off the roof on which they have just climbed. They love to try different things and can never stay in place. We can never get bored with these children and we are always on guard. Optimistic, confident, motivated, sparkling, here are some of their traits of character. They express a whole range of emotions and talk a lot ... really a lot. They have a great memory, are intelligent and can comfort the people around them.


Children born in May are more orderly and like to organize everything in their lives. They are more practical, prudent and consistent. They like material things like clothes, food and shoes. They are responsible and you may see them make a living early. They never return on their word and are loyal. They are honest and have good relationships, both with their family and with their friends. These children are stubborn and do not turn away from what they believe or defend. Workers and restless, they can easily get angry. Nevertheless, it is just as easy to calm them down.


Full of wit and humor, life will be much more entertaining with these kids around. They love to talk and are never short of words. They are gifted to communicate and have a gift for writing. Better to equip them with books and computers. They are gifted to convince people and can sell anything to anyone. They hate banalities and hate to stay in the same place for a long time. Let them focus on one thing at a time, because letting them do too many things at once will make them all-but-nothing. They will grow up to become flirtatious and will be very extroverted. They can make a career in comedy or as an actor.


These children need a lot of attention. They are very sensitive to the feelings and emotions of others. They are philanthropic, so do not be surprised if they bring home stray animals or other children. They are imaginative and will spare no effort to protect their families and loved ones. Physical contact is very important to them and they love small tools and household appliances. You may notice mood swings and sometimes they may turn into depression.


Children born in August need attention and love to get noticed. They love to be pampered and hate to be criticized. Cover them with praise and they will treat you with love and respect. They turn out to be independent and voluntary fighters who become rebellious when retained. They are avengers, cheerful, noisy, and turbulent. Trust is very important to them.


The children born this month are perfectionists. Their behavior is extreme and they take great care of the elderly, the sick and the animals. These children find their happiness in helping others. They could be great writers or communicators if they are not too shy. Very analytical and critical, they even end up criticizing themselves from time to time. They love to travel and are brave about what to explore the world. They like to solve the problems of others and inspire people around them. They are also very stubborn and motivated.


Very practical, making decisions is difficult for them as they see the two sides of the coin. They are easy, charming and polite children. These children appreciate art and beauty in all its forms. They are intelligent and fearless diplomats. They have opinions on everything and do not care much about emotions. They are unpredictable and can easily overcome emotions when injured. They tend to lie, but they can never pretend.


Complex and intense by nature, these children are very persuasive. They will let things happen until they finally understand. Children born in November are great detectives, as their love of puzzles and mystery books knows no bounds. They are very emotional and can be quite extreme. They have the power to get what they want if they put the will into it. They do not fall easily sick and can manage pain well. When they are angry, they take revenge. It is better to stay on good terms with them. They can be secret, and if they are allowed to do so, they will not make friends. They are beautiful whatever happens and highly independent. Very passionate and dangerous, they can be wild and mysterious. They stand out in the crowd, are unique and easily attract people.


Optimistic and always enthusiastic, children born in December are happy. They love to learn and often like school. They are attracted by religion and philosophy from an early age. They love to travel and can meet people from all over the world. Yet they are very patriotic. They are competitive, ambitious, impatient, sensitive and capricious. They are very generous and loyal. They make friends easily because of their sense of humor and politeness. They want the best and can sometimes be very demanding. They are very sensitive and seldom express their emotions.