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Drinking Cider Vinegar Before You Go To Bed Will Change Your Life For Good

Drinking Cider Vinegar Before You Go To Bed Will Change Your Life For Good

Drinking Cider Vinegar Before You Go To Bed Will Change Your Life For Good

Cider vinegar is more than a staple food forgotten for the bottom of our closets, it is a magic potion to cure everything: diabetes, heart problems, gastric ulcers, halitosis, as well as cramps, problems overweight and beauty of the skin and hair! Discover all the benefits of cider vinegar listed below

It relieves sore throats and other winter bobos

You woke up with the feeling of having hair in your throat. Needless to rush on drugs, cider vinegar is a good old remedy that performs the same functions or even more efficiently. Powerful antibacterial, disinfectant and natural antiseptic, cider vinegar helps to boost immune defenses and relieve winter ailments. If you have a nasty laryngitis, try the gargles by diluting a teaspoon of cider vinegar in a glass of lukewarm water. A Do two to three times a day until the pain subsides.

It helps to refine

And if you were told that a small slimming solution holds in a few mouthfuls of cider vinegar. Do not expect to see all your pounds soared by a miracle because this is not the expected effect. Concretely, the pectins contained in cider vinegar reduce appetite and regulate the absorption of carbohydrates and fats transformed into energy, which would promote gradual weight loss, in addition to, of course, a balanced diet and the practice of regular physical activity.

Drink a mixture of a few spoonfuls of cider vinegar and a glass of 200 ml of warm water half an hour before each meal. Also remember to replace the balsamic vinegar with cider vinegar to season your salads. You should not delay to feel the first benefits on your transit as well as on your silhouette. Stop excess, go easy on its consumption, especially if you suffer from gastritis or hyperacidity.

It helps to unclog congested nose

You have your nose taken? Can not you breathe properly? It is known, cider vinegar is a formidable antifungal. To clean your nasal cavities and reduce the production of mucus, make as often as possible inhalations with cider vinegar which have the advantage of dissolving any excess mucus and draining the sinus.

It causes hiccups

You've swallowed your cheese ham too fast or drunk it at a stroke your water bottle result your stomach has created pressure on your diaphragm and hic ... hic ... hic you have hiccups! What should be done at that time? Drink 7 mouthfuls of water? Hold your breath ? Jump ? According to our grandmothers, it would be enough to suck a sugar on which you will have deposited a few drops of vinegar of cider to calm the spasms of the diaphragm.

It refreshes the breath

Halitosis can be caused by poorly treated oral hygiene, as well as by the proliferation of bacteria especially if you have your mouth too dehydrated or you have skipped a meal. The cider vinegar overcomes the foul odor by killing all the bad bacteria with its natural amines. Gargle with it or if you have a well-hung heart, drink a teaspoon diluted in a little water.

It neutralizes acidity and soothes gastric reflux

It is mistakenly believed that cider vinegar and gastric reflux do not mix, but this liquid, although acid, relieves the symptoms of heartburn, thanks to the natural acid it contains and its alkalizing effect. Take two tablespoons diluted in a little water. An alternative to cheap medications at all and effective to adopt if you have acid lifts from time to time. If the sensation becomes more persistent, it is time to consult!

It fights against food indigestion

The antibiotic properties of its pectins are worth it to be used against various disorders of the belly, especially in case of food indigestion. Again the mixture of cider vinegar, water and honey proves its effectiveness.

It soothes stomach aches

From gastrointestinal infections, to spasms, heartburn, diarrhea or constipation, cider vinegar alone is a pharmacy.

It regulates the glycemic index as well as cholesterol

Scientific studies have demonstrated the ability of cider vinegar to maintain an acceptable level of blood glucose after meals in both diabetics and non-diabetics.

It cures muscle cramps

The cider vinegar helps to relax the muscles contracted due to its potassium content. Simply drink the cider vinegar / water mixture or apply a compress soaked on the painful area or take a cider vinegar bath.

Precautions: There is no particular risk to consume cider vinegar. However, it is not recommended for people with gastritis or chronic ulcers.