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You're Not Fat! Your Stomach Is Swollen, Here's How You Get Rid Of It!

You're Not Fat! Your Stomach Is Swollen, Here's How You Get Rid Of It!

Not Fat! Your Stomach Is Swollen

A constantly bloated stomach is obviously a very bothersome and health problem. Here are the causes and some recommendations to get rid of it!

Many people think that the feeling of bloating that they sometimes feel is due to the accumulation of gas in the digestive system which gives a swollen belly and a feeling of discomfort. This frequent problem also occurs after a heavy meal or following the consumption of certain fermentable foods. But there are people who feel swollen all the time. Here are the main reasons:

Do not drink enough water

By not drinking enough water, the human body begins to retain liquids, which probably leads to bloating. It is also good to know that an insufficient quantity of water can be the cause of several diseases especially if accompanied by the consumption of coffee and alcohol.

To remedy this, start drinking plenty of water in addition to herbal teas while knowing that soft drinks only aggravate your bloating problem. It should also be noted that by drinking with a straw, you risk swallowing air which increases the risk of bloating.


No one is supposed to be unaware that the fact of not going to the toilet daily leads most often to constipation especially when it lasts several days.

Constipation is the cause of an excess of gas since the fecal matter stagnates and begins to rot, resulting in bloating and gas. To overcome this problem, there is no better than fibers! But you should be careful not to consume them in excess as this can cause an inverse effect by causing diarrhea.

It is also recommended to opt for whole wheat bread instead of white bread, eat more berries and drink at least 1.5 liters of water per day.

The stress

A recent study has shown that excessive stress can indeed lead to bloating. Indeed, as our intestines are lined with nerve cells, as soon as we are stressed or anxious, it is disrupted and no longer works normally. Our mood changes therefore have a direct link with bloating.

In this case, the only solution is to manage your stress adequately by practicing yoga sessions as an example but especially by doing sport regularly and by consuming some effective plants for this purpose like lavender and chamomile.

Eat fast

Eating very quickly has the effect of slowing down the digestive process which inevitably causes swelling in the abdomen. So it's simple! Eat less quickly and do not forget to opt for small bites. Taking time to eat not only helps to avoid bloating but also to enjoy what one eats and lose weight. Indeed, the brain only receives the sensation of satiety after 20 minutes. Eating in 5 or 10 minutes pushes to nibbling and therefore to the weight gain.

Carbohydrate intake

Made up of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen, carbohydrates are of great importance to the human body since they have an energy role. Yet consuming it in excess may well also lead to swelling of the belly. It is therefore essential to consume them in moderation and replace them with vegetables and fruits.