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Here's How To Get Rid Of Brown Spots, Irregular Complexion And Hyperpigmentation

Here's How To Get Rid Of Brown Spots, Irregular Complexion And Hyperpigmentation

Here's How To Get Rid Of Brown Spots

The color pigmented spots coffee-to-milk or sometimes darker, considered to be very unsightly, are exacerbated by several factors. They are incorrectly called age spots or only 13% are due to aging versus 63% which appear under the effect of the sun.

They usually flower on the face, shoulders, hands or décolleté, in many women regardless of their age or tone. Hormonal variations, pigmentation disorders as well as prolonged exposure to the sun or pregnancy favor the appearance of these clumps of localized pigments.

There are spots and stains, how to recognize them?

Brown spots appear as a result of a malfunction of the melanocyte cells, resulting in an overproduction of melanin, due to various factors such as exposure to UV which accentuates the formation of solar lentigo, mistakenly designated as "age spots". To prevent the appearance, especially when the sun is at the rendezvous, do not skimp on your tube of protective cream with SPF.

For brown spots that occur during pregnancy (chloasma), under hormonal influence, they are more stimulated by UV. The use of depigmenting care is effective only if it is reinforced by a protection with an SPF.

What natural solutions to fight against brown spots?

Many women resort to cosmetics or aesthetic medicine to make the skin with these spots that spoil their lives. Yet there are natural remedies quite likely to erase brown spots deep and smooth!

Turmeric: This yellow-colored spice goes into the preparation of a mixture for the body and face, the "haldi" that Hindu brides apply the day before the wedding night, to display a fresh and radiant complexion. It is no coincidence that this spice that comes from India has been incorporated little by little by the cosmetic industry in its products. Indeed, considering its virtues, everything thinks that this herbaceous plant is an ally unexpected for our skin. All in one, it helps to clear the skin and give it radiance naturally thanks to its antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant action.

The potato: Who would have thought that the potato could also strengthen and sublimate the skin, the hair and the nails? Taken with vitamins and minerals, the potato has anti-inflammatory and softening properties. It helps to alleviate the puffiness of dark circles, thanks to the anti-inflammatory action of the starch. It works wonders when used as a facial scrub, paste or thinly sliced slices, to mitigate the scars of old acne pimples or reduce the appearance of blackheads.

The properties of the potato, precisely its cooking water, make it an excellent anti-wrinkle product. Hair, hands and nails can also benefit from the virtues of this tuberculosis

Cider vinegar: Like lemon juice, whose main ingredient, vitamin C, reduces pigmentation, cider vinegar reduces the appearance of melasma by balancing the pH of the skin and eliminating toxins from the skin. the skin. The acetic acid of cider vinegar whitens melanin pigments in addition to making skin smooth and glowing beauty. The results are edifying from the first use.

Aloe Vera: Vitamins E, A and C and enzymes in Aloe Vera accelerate cell regeneration. In addition to lightening brown spots, Aloe Vera maintains skin elasticity and hydration, reduces the appearance of wrinkles and prevents the formation of stretch marks.

Oats: It proves to be a very good way to reduce brown spots and dissolve dead cells for a gorgeous skin of beauty. The remedy of using oats in the form of exfoliating paste is particularly formidable against chloasma, which affects pregnant women.