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Most People Can Not Find The Hidden Circles In This Picture. Can You Do It ?

Most People Can Not Find The Hidden Circles In This Picture. Can You Do It ?

Hidden Circles In This Picture

It's quite fun how your mind can play you tricks. Your eyes can see one thing, but your mind distorts it to make it more meaningful. This is what happens with this image that has frightened more than one.

Scientists have been studying the concept of perception since the nineteenth century. They created simple illusions to help shed light on how the brain perceives different patterns and shapes. Their research led to the first theories on how our eyes play tricks on our minds.

It turns out that our brain judges the size using adjacent objects. Scientists have discovered how to manipulate this fact by creating an illusion.

There Are 16 Circles In This Image, Can You Spot The Circles Hidden Among These Rectangles

The photo below has recently caused a sensation after being spreaded on the Internet.

Most people can not find the hidden circles in this picture

What do you see when you look at the picture? You see lines or squares? Although you are not the only person who does not see this, your eyes may play tricks on you. No, YOUR EYES play tricks on you. Believe it or not, there are 16 hidden circles in this picture. Some people can see circles, others do not. You are one of those who do not, patience, we will reveal the secret to you. But you first explain why you do not get there the first time.

How is that possible?

Optical illusions use color, light and patterns to create images that technically are not really there. They are designed to sow confusion in your brain. While your mind tries to interpret what your eyes see, an optical illusion works to create a perception that does not match the image in front of you. Sneaky, do not you think? But perhaps the real challenge is to be able to identify an optical illusion when one sees one.

If you can separate the fact from the illusion, you might be able to find the hidden circles! Are you ready ? Here's what to do.
To successfully see the circles, focus on the space between the rectangles. Hallelujah, the circles finally appear and you can see them.

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