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8 Tricks Of Your Phone That Everyone Must Absolutely Know - But In Reality No One Knows

8 Tricks Of Your Phone That Everyone Must Absolutely Know - But In Reality No One Knows

8 Tricks Of Your Phone That Everyone Must Absolutely Know

Nowadays, we do not even imagine going without our smartphone. We keep it in the office, with the family and even on vacation. But do you know there are tricks to use it well? Here they are and they are simpler to do.

Not long ago, the phones were only used to make and receive calls. When we wanted to go on the internet, we had to turn on our desktop and use a modem - and we could not make calls at the same time.

We also needed a drawer full of gadgets and a bookcase filled with books to read and intellectually escape. After all, we did not have a camera, a compass, a calculator, maps, an encyclopedia, and a ton of other tools in one compact little thing: the smartphone.

Smartphones have simplified our lives, but they are sometimes difficult to tame. Especially when we lose them or when their battery empties. But did you know there were some nice little tricks that made our phones even more convenient?

We have gathered here 8 tips that any smartphone user should know, but that in reality nobody knows.

1. Recharging in airplane mode

You are probably aware of this situation. You have to leave, but your battery is very low. You then plug in your phone hoping it can earn a few percent of battery, but you know it takes a considerable amount of time. Instead of panicking, put your phone in airplane mode while you load it. This will significantly reduce the time it takes to recharge.

2. Use offline maps

Tips on your phone

Everyone knows that the GPS function of mobile phones consumes a lot of battery. Try the following trick if it's low: make screenshots of the map you plan to use and use them to guide you. You will save a lot of battery on long journeys.

3. Have a better network

Have a better network

When you do not receive virtually any network, the aircraft mode can, surprisingly, prove to be useful. If you can not connect to your operator, put your phone in airplane mode and wait a few seconds. Then, remove the airplane mode and, if all goes well, your phone will automatically reconnect to the network.

4. Consolidate a charger

Consolidate a charger

Your mobile phone charger will inevitably wear out after a while. To prevent this from happening or to consolidate an already damaged cord, you simply need a ballpoint pen. Simply remove the spring inside the pen and wrap it around your cable to solidify and prevent wear.

5. Alternative chargers

Alternative chargers

When you forget your charger or travel abroad and you do not have the correct plug, be aware that there are other options to charge your phone. Simply connect it to the USB port of your computer, the one of the seat in front of you in the plane or any other USB port that you find.

6. Alarm Amplifier

Alarm Amplifier

Do you have trouble waking up in the morning? Try putting your phone in a cup or a glass and you will notice a large difference in volume. When the alarm sounds, the glass will amplify the sound, and you will not be able to escape!

7. Finding your cell phone in the dark

Finding your cell phone in the dark

Finding your phone in a dark room turns out to be as difficult as looking for a needle in a haystack. To avoid wasting valuable sleep time to look for it, stick a fluorescent sticker on your cell phone or paint its shell with a fluorescent paint.

8. Secret Pocket phone

Secret Cachette

Losing or forgetting your wallet can prove to be very embarrassing. You can however keep one or two tickets on you by hiding them between your cell phone and its hull.

Do not forget to share these tips with your friends and family so they can also enjoy it.