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A Mother Buys Toy Bunny For The Funeral Of Her Newborn, Weeks Later The Doctors Can Not Believe Their Eyes

A Mother Buys Toy Bunny For The Funeral Of Her Newborn, Weeks Later The Doctors Can Not Believe Their Eyes

A Mother Buys Toy Bunny For The Funeral Of Her Newborn
Caesarean delivery is probably what most women fear, a legitimate fear given the risks of complications for mother and baby. And it is often more delicate when there is premature delivery, the latter usually takes place from the 28th week to the 37th. However, there are rare cases where delivery can be done by Caesarean section well before the 28 weeks, with very little chance that the baby will survive.

Here is one of the most amazing cases, which has shed a lot of ink, and which raised several questions for medicine. An incredible and true story, which shows us that hope really makes us live!

When Hannah Wicks and Steve McSween awaited the birth of their daughter, they were full of joy and hope. Hannah's belly grew and they had only a few months to wait to finally meet their daughter. But their joy was not of long duration.

Hannah's pregnancy did not go as planned. By the 25th week, she was suffering and her doctors could do nothing to stop her suffering. She was diagnosed with a condition called "intrauterine growth retardation".

The couple living in Bristol, UK, was informed on March 8 by the doctors that Hannah had to give birth to her baby by Caesarean section even if it was still early. And that was the only possible solution.

Hannah had had a previous pregnancy experience with her 5-year-old son, Olivier, and everything was fine. But for this new pregnancy, the couple was advised that there were risks that the fetus does not survive unfortunately.

A Mother Buys Toy Bunny For The Funeral Of Her Newborn

At her birth, on March 9, Poppy, as her parents named her, was no bigger than a tennis ball, weighed only 360 grams, and easily stood in her father's hand. She needed care 24 hours a day and her parents stayed by her side day and night.

Even if they had just become parents, Hannah and Steve had to prepare to say goodbye. Which was very painful for the couple. The doctors explained to them that the little baby suffered from a pathology that prevented the blood from reaching its blood vessels, which did not allow it to grow.

The parents then began to prepare the funeral instead of buying clothes for Poppy, and Hannah even bought a little bunny for her, so she would not have to be alone in her coffin.

Mom buys toy bunny for her newborn’s funeral

On March 21, Hanna was able to take Poppy in her arms even though the little baby was under breathing assistance, which really delighted the worried mom.
But the days have become weeks, and the weeks have become months, and Poppy refused to give up, she clung to life like never before!

Every day, doctors were astonished by its development. And for the first time, they felt full of hope for their future. Even if we thought it needed a miracle to survive.

Still, Poppy began to gain weight and grow gradually. His parents planned to marry long before his birth, but they were obliged to postpone the formalization of their union.

Although Poppy still needed oxygen, Hannah and Steve were finally able to take their daughter, or as they like to call her, "their little miracle" at home.

Poppy is the seventh smallest baby to have survived this state of intrauterine growth retardation. Her parents have put her health at the center of their concerns and want her to live and grow. Doctors think it may have complications in the future, but no diagnosis has been made so far. For the family, Poppy is a miracle and a gift from heaven!