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This Drink Is The Secret Of Nutritionists. It Will Melt All Your Fat!

This Drink Is The Secret Of Nutritionists. It Will Melt All Your Fat!

Drink Will Melt All Your Fat

Today, we are all witnesses to the growing trend of infused water. The Telegraph reports that new health "guru" Gwyneth Paltrow and singer Beyonce begin their day with hot lemon water instead of coffee. In addition, fitness expert Jillian Michaels also practices the consumption of hot water with lemon, which she calls water detoxification. She even adds dandelion tea and cranberry juice in addition to the lemon. Therefore, many people ask what is the truth behind this hot lemon water. Does it really help to lose weight?

In an article published in Woman's Health magazine, Alissa Ramsey, spokesperson for the Academy of Dietetics and Nutrition, says lemon water can contribute to weight loss only if it is consumed as an alternative to coffee or morning milk.

It is useful due to the fact that water, as the main ingredient, stimulates the work of metabolism. At the same time, this detox drink replaces all other beverages that contain sugar and fat. It acts as a mild diuretic and reduces inflammation.

Therefore, this is the reason why you should start to consume infused water in the morning or before going to sleep, as this helps your metabolism to burn fat quickly.

Recipe for detox water

  • 1 lemon
  • Coriander Bouquet
  • 1 tablespoon grated ginger
  • 1 tablespoon Aloe Vera
  • 1 cucumber
  • 1 glass jar of water (1 liter)


Slice the lemon and cucumber and put them in the glass jar. Add the rest of the ingredients and let them sit overnight. The next day start drinking it all day. Make it a new one every night.

Lemon is very effective for detoxifying the body, it promotes the production of bile in the liver which is ideal for cleansing the body, very rich in vitamin C and antioxidants, it is a powerful food to burn fat and facilitate the digestion.

Coriander is ideal for relieving inflammation through the large amount of antioxidants it contains.

Ginger stimulates metabolism and digestion, it also increases the heat of the body, which causes the body to lower its temperature, needing energy for this process, the body then draws in its fat to have it, which allows to burn.

Aloe Vera reduces inflammation and fights free radicals in the body.

Cucumbers are rich in water and fiber, which represents a miracle for weight loss. The fiber makes you feel full without eating too much and consuming a lot of calories.

And since the fibers prevent you from eating too much, it means that if you drink this "detox water" before going to bed, you will not have nocturnal cravings, and if you drink it in the morning, it will make you eat less .

Warnings :

Ginger is not to consume for pregnant women, for all people suffering from blood disease, diabetes.
Lemon should be avoided for people with kidney disorders or stomach ulcers.

Aloe Vera is also not recommended for pregnant women, people suffering from heart disease, or ulcer.