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Never Put Toilet Paper On The Toilet Seat!

Never Put Toilet Paper On The Toilet Seat!

We consider all toilets as the most conducive to the proliferation of microbes and bacteria. Moreover, when we find ourselves obliged to use public toilets, we can not help thinking about those who came before us and the many risks to which we are exposed. To protect themselves, many of us use the trick of toilet paper: they spread it generously on the toilet seat before sitting down. But what about the effectiveness of this trick? Let's do a check in.

Put toilet paper on the bezel: a good or a bad idea?

Actually, this is not the best solution at all. You should never put toilet paper on the toilet seat because it was designed in a very intelligent way. For a long time, people thought that the glasses were so covered with germs and dirt that they could catch all sorts of horrible gastrointestinal infections. However, due to their particularly smooth shape and surface, they prevent the bacteria from hanging there. 

Moreover, since bacteria can not develop on bare skin, a simple contact with the toilet seat is not so bad for health, after all. Moreover, several studies have shown that toilets, even public, are much cleaner than our sink, dish sponge or the keyboard of our computer.

What is the danger of contamination in the toilets?

In reality, the danger of contamination comes from an automatic gesture that we make after each passage to the toilet and which consists of hunting, while the flap of the toilet is still open. The force of the water propels the bacteria into the air, allowing them to reach the different surfaces of your bathroom, ranging from toilet paper hanging on the wall to your toothbrush placed near the sink, not to mention those you inhale.

So, to avoid exposing yourself to this bacterial attack, always remember to fold down the flap of the bezel before flushing, and keep it closed after each use.

Other surfaces suitable for accumulation of germs

It is important to note that toilet door handles as well as flushing buttons are among the most suitable surfaces for the accumulation of germs, given the number of dirty hands that touch them.

In addition, faucets are also true nests with bacteria, since people use them directly after they have made their needs.

As for electric hand dryers, a recent study showed that the propulsive force of the air helped to spread the bacteria throughout the surrounding space. So it is best to use paper towels that do not expose you to such risks.

Now, you know what surfaces you should be wary of, but if you still can not sit down directly on the toilet seat in a public place, you can squat on it. This will do you a little exercise.