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8 Things You Should Never Say When Talking To Children, Psychologists Warn!

8 Things You Should Never Say When Talking To Children, Psychologists Warn!

Things You Should Never Say When Talking To Children

Parents are the people who provide safety, affection and advice for their children. They are supposed to protect the child while making sure that he or she complies with the rules. However, as human beings, parents and children are all capable of making mistakes, but there are many sentences that a parent should never tell his child. According to psychologists, this kind of talk can mark children forever.

For the child, everything a parent does or says becomes an integral part of his psychology, its development depends on the words and gestures of mom and dad. Children see parents as Gods and Goddesses and there is nothing they can do. It is therefore important to continually question oneself in order to improve oneself and to make the child a fulfilled person. So here are 8 sentences that, according to psychologists, should never be told to children.

The 8 sentences to never tell a child

1. "Stop crying immediately!"

Even if there is no reason for your child to cry at this time, do not stop it. Your child needs to express his emotions, he must not feel that he is programmed or controlled otherwise he will eventually hide his feelings and emotions whatever they are.

Try to replace this sentence with something like '' Yes you can cry but you have to understand that what you did is wrong ''.

2. "You disappoint me!"

When something goes wrong, parents often make it known to the children by telling them clearly that they are disappointed. But instead of creating that feeling of guilt in the child, it is better to point it in the right direction for improvement.

3. "You do not make enough effort!"

By telling your child that he is not doing enough, you are destroying sin inside. He may have limits and he does not know how to overcome them, encourage him then help him to overcome challenges and it is important to let him know.
Say instead: "It's what you do but you can do better."

4. "You are a big boy / girl, you must not be afraid!"

This does not protect your child, here again fear is an emotion that should not be blocked. If your child is afraid, he must know how to deal with his fear and overcome it, that's what you need to teach him as a parent.

Tell him/her "It's normal to be scared, everyone is scared sometimes, but I'm going to show you something that will help you."

5. "You are useless!"

You should never say that to your child, you are the person from whom he will seek comfort and esteem. This sentence may take him where you do not want him to be.

Try saying something like "Nobody's perfect darling, you'll do better next time."

6. "You are a naughty boy / girl!"

Never make a child feel bad, avoid negative expressions. Always try to adapt these expressions to the act, not to oneself, for example, 'what you did is bad or naughty'. He will understand that what you are aiming for is rather the behavior and that he must correct it. Anyone can make mistakes but that does not necessarily make the person "bad".

7. "I'm doing everything for you!"

The child must not feel responsible, when a parent gives birth to a child is that he must do everything for him. Children are a source of happiness, not problems.

8. "You are big!"

It's something that should not be on this list either. This sentence is going to hurt your child, he already knows it since he is looking at himself in a mirror, he compares himself with his comrades, he must not feel that it is an insult. If your child is really big, it will be necessary to help him to change. Especially since he may hear it from his friends, the house must be a place with no judgment.

Tell her/him, "I'm thinking of putting myself into sport to be in good shape, do you want to try it with me, I do not want to do it alone."