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This Little Boy Was Injured During His Sleep Because Of A Deadly Game, Today His Family Warns Everyone!

This Little Boy Was Injured During His Sleep Because Of A Deadly Game, Today His Family Warns Everyone!

This Little Boy Was Injured During His Sleep Because Of A Deadly Game, Today His Family Warns Everyone!

In recent years, we have seen several challenges appear on social networks, more bizarre than the others, they spread quickly among young people.

Everyone has probably seen the "Ice bucket challenge", which consisted in pouring iced water on itself, and whose honorable goal was to raise funds for the fight against Charcot's disease. Another challenge is the "Mannequin Challenge" consisting of filming itself while being motionless on a musical background. However, there are other challenges less fun than previous ones, which can range up to physical injuries, or even lead to death.

You may have heard of the Blue Whale Challenge, which is inspired by the legend that blue whales run aground on beaches when they decide to commit suicide. This game coming from Russia, consists of a series of challenges, simple at first, but becoming more sinister later, like waking up at night and listening to sad songs, hitting, watching suicide videos, hang on to a crane, and ultimately commit suicide. 

Currently, another challenge is a rage all over the world, causing several victims, and videos are not missing on the web!

Nickolas, aged fifteen, woke up in the middle of the night, as if his neck were on fire. It was burning. It turned out that his friends had simply applied a new farce on him.

"I just want them to leave me alone. They are no longer my friends and they will not be," he said.

Currently, people are alerted about a deadly trend that is spreading via the Internet. This is called the "Hot Water Challenge" and it involves pouring boiling water on unsuspecting people who did not ask for anything. Nickolas Conrad, a fifteen-year-old boy, was the victim of this senseless new trend.

One night after Nickolas had fallen asleep, his friends boiled water in a microwave oven, then sneaked up to his bed to pour it on his neck.

"I felt a painful burn on my neck, woke up and started crying and crying, it was the worst pain of my life," said Nickolas, according to The Sun.

This little boy was wounded during his sleep because of a deadly game

In fact, it was not the first time that Nickolas' "friends" had burned him. They have also already burned it with a lighter.

Nickolas is not the only young man hurt by this new senseless tendency. In August, an eleven-year-old girl named Jamoneisha Merritt had her face burnt when her friends threw her on boiling water.

The eight-year-old girl in Florida died even though she tried another version of the "Hot Water Challenge". The little girl's cousins challenged her to drink boiling water through a straw. She did so, and several months later, because of her burning to the esophagus, she died. Currently, Diane Johnson's aunt tries to make everyone aware of this deadly trend and asks parents to talk to their children about these challenges.


Parents must always control what their children do on the internet, it is a very large space where they are exposed to all sorts of manipulations, and they represent an easy prey to this kind of senseless and murderous practices.

Share this article so that more parents talk to their children and they can realize how dangerous it is.