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A Teenager Has Massive Stocks Of Tampons, Mom Explains Her Secret

A Teenager Has Massive Stocks Of Tampons, Mom Explains Her Secret

A Teenager Has Massive Stocks Of Tampons

There are things in life that are too embarrassing or taboo to talk about openly, especially in the presence of older people or parents. A good example of this is our intimate hygiene, or periods of menstruation in women, and everything associated with it, tampons, sanitary napkins ... etc. Many women indeed find it embarrassing or ashamed to talk about it, and to put at table the problems they may encounter for their personal hygiene.

Feminine hygiene

The private parts of the woman, are a very sensitive area, and therefore require a particular toilet compared to other parts of the body. Intimate hygiene then includes all the practices and care relating to the female genitals, namely, the vulva, in order to avoid any infection or genital disease. Which makes it a business to take very seriously for all women.

However, excessive or negligent hygiene can cause disturbances of the flora, and intimate health in general. Some women may have infections because of a very scrupulous hygiene, or on the contrary, because of a lack of attention or financial means to have the appropriate products.

The testimony of this teenager shows us the importance of feminine hygiene and that all women have the right to have an impeccable hygiene.

A test like no other

Lily Alter, 14, was writing an essay at the school and decided to make the subject of her work a topic that more people should be able to talk openly without feeling or being embarrassed, the subject was "hygiene of women ".

Lily then delves into the subject, she realized how it could be a burden for some women, it was then that she had a great idea, a light that should extend well beyond the field of his class .

A Teenager Has Massive Stocks Of Tampons

The English teacher at Oak Park's River Forest High School in Chicago asked students to write an essay about a problem at school, and that's when Lily had the wonderful idea of his project.

Lily said, "I was thinking about homelessness, women's rights, and I wanted to combine all of this so that I could help people."

Lily had done extensive research on the subject, and that's when she made a really sad discovery. She found that many homeless women had to make tough choices all the time, but one of those choices was to stay healthy, to eat, to have a home, and to have hygiene products. last were usually the first thing to sacrifice!

Lily's will had no limits

Lily thought about it and really wanted to make a difference, not just writing a school essay about it, so she started collecting tampons and other feminine hygiene products and wrapping them in small kits that contained enough supplies for a menstrual cycle.

A Teenager Has Massive Stocks Of Tampons

She took the kits to the street with her and distributed them to homeless women, an act so generous and altruistic. At the same time compassionate and thoughtful, Lily had surprised her teacher and all her classmates.

Lily's cause was heard

Shortly after, Lily raised $ 3,000 to continue her project. Very happy with her harvest, Lily said that with the money she received, she could probably have a year of kits for homeless women.

If more people could be so selfless and follow this girl's passion for helping others, the world would be a lot better. If you share this story, it will surely inspire others to move and help each other!