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Choose A Crystal! The One You Choose Says Secret Things About Your Situation In Life

Choose A Crystal! The One You Choose Says Secret Things About Your Situation In Life

Choose A Crystal! The One You Choose Says Secret Things About Your Situation In Life

Look at the 6 crystals on the image, which attracts you the most? Choose one based on your instinct and your current preferences, then find out what it reveals about your personal situation in life. It's amazing !

The choice of the crystal and what it reveals about you 

Choice # 1: Opalite

If you opted for opalite, you are looking for freedom, a peaceful place to calm your senses and listen to your inner voice. Indeed, as this cloudy stone suggests, your vision is obscured by routine. So, take some time to evaluate things and review your goals. You will surely realize that you are on the road to success and you will be full of new ideas, which will motivate you to see life in a positive way.

In addition, the opalite stone is associated with the communication of angels. Indeed, when we spend moments of silence and contemplation, the vibration of our body changes and inspiring thoughts arise through the blue color. At the bottom of you, you feel a connection with "the other side" and the angels are waiting to talk to you and give you advice.

Choice # 2: The Malachite Crystal

If you are attracted by this stone, you are (or are about to) gone through a major transformation in your life. This transformation may be simply changing the way you see things, improving the way you work or changing your diet, but it also goes much further. In fact, it is a true spiritual evolution through the release of negative energies relating to your past experiences. You become wiser and learn to value yourself.

The malachite crystal means prosperity and abundance, which means that luck and fortune are waiting for you. It can also mean the end of destructive love relationships and the dawn of pure love. By choosing this crystal, you unconsciously express your ability to succeed, to see the positive side and to be passionate about life.

Choice 3: The Sun Stone

If the Sun Stone arouses interest in you, it means that you begin to feel more optimistic for the future. The power of the sun energizes your body, restores your health and relieves your fears and anxieties. Indeed, the Sun Stone is an omen of luck that reveals an improvement in your life in general. In the morning, when you wake up, the first emotion you feel is joy because you are happy and you are surrounded by loving people. In addition, joy attracts joy so keep up the momentum and enjoy the sunny days!

Choice # 4: Mahogany Obsidian

If you have chosen this stone, which is that of resolution, it means that your unconscious is asking you to get rid of the negative habits you have in order to be happy in your daily life. You are what you feel then if you are overwhelmed by emotions like jealousy, bitterness, injustice and anger, it will affect your life and lead you into a downward spiral. Fortunately, you finally find the will to break with negativity, unpleasant situations and toxic people. So, expect to feel better about yourself because lasting bliss lies in the appreciation of what we have rather than what we do not have.

Choice # 5: The Howlite

If this crystal is your spontaneous choice, it means that you have received messages from the "other side", in the form of dreams, thoughts or visions.

Repetitively seeing numbers or words also reveals a spiritual message. You are guided intuitively in a certain direction, that of success. On the other hand, if you have trouble sleeping, you may not know an instinctive feeling about someone or a situation. By recognizing and following your intuition, spiritual revelations will occur.

The howlite crystal is a message from the spirit world, indicating that a new Spiritual Guide is waiting for you. Plus, howlite means luck to those who are expecting a baby, or those who are already pregnant. It is an omen of a healthy baby.

Choice # 6: Dalmatian jasper

If you chose this crystal, your little inner voice begs you to bring pleasure and humor into your life! The Dalmatian jasper reminds us that we are spiritual souls who live a unique physical experience on Earth before returning to the energetic form. So let's take advantage of it because even the worst situations can be illuminated by humor. In addition, the Dalmatian jasper is a crystal antitabac, for those who wish to give up the cigarette.