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Here's How To Potty Train Your Kid In 3 Days ... Say Goodbye To Diapers!

Here's How To Potty Train Your Kid In 3 Days ... Say Goodbye To Diapers!

How To Potty Train Your Kid In 3 Days

From birth to childhood, a baby develops physiologically and psychologically. Indeed, after finding his bearings and the emotional security he needs from his parents, a child, from about 18 months, will discover the cleanliness.

Learning about cleanliness is a crucial "family" step. It affects as much the parents, anxious at the idea that their toddler is late compared to the average, that the child who makes his first steps towards autonomy. So, to accompany you in this step, here is an infallible tip for your baby to use the pot in just 3 days!

How To Potty Train Your Kid In 3 Days ... 

Day 1

How To Potty Train Your Kid In 3 Days

First of all, start by spreading several pots in the house, including in the bathroom so that they are to be carried by baby hand .. Then reduce the layers. Put him near the pot at times when he usually soils his diapers like morning, after meals, after bath and at night, which are good times to go to the little corner. Also, check that your child drinks enough water to feel the need to pee
Do not hesitate to take him to the bathroom with you so that he understands that it is perfectly normal to do his needs. Showing that these parents, big brothers and sisters are going to encourage them to go there too. However, be sure to choose a pot that fits his size, he must be able to touch the floor and sit comfortably on it.

Day 2

How To Potty Train Your Kid In 3 Days

For the second day, do not put any diapers on him so that he understands the interest of going on the pot, such as to avoid having soiled clothes. Obviously, do not scold him if he fails to restrain himself and encourage him to go on the pot. You can decorate his pot with him by putting stickers so that he appropriates this new object and he feels the urge to go there when it comes to the need to do his needs.

Also, take him on a one-hour walk without putting on a diaper to activate his digestion. However, do not forget to take him to the bathroom before you leave.

Day 3

How To Potty Train Your Kid In 3 Days

For the third day of toilet training, continue to not put diapers on him and then continue your efforts by congratulating him on each feat, that is to say when he makes his first pee. Show him how to empty the pot into the toilet and how to flush the toilet to become familiar with the toilets of the "big ones". Make these moments, playful moments that will allow him to have fun while discovering his ability to hold back. In the same way, simply explain to him the functions of our organs and the interest of doing his needs.

Teaching your child about cleanliness should not be stressful for parents as the child will feel pressured. Use patience and do not insist, so that the child is empowered naturally. In addition, avoid negative remarks, especially regarding the start of the school year. Do not constantly remind him that he will not go to school if he is not clean, instead tell him that now that he is tall, he will go to school. Sometimes the simple act of seeing classmates go to the bathroom is a trigger for the child.