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12 Reasons Why Women Become Cheater More Than Men

12 Reasons Why Women Become Cheater More Than Men

12 Reasons Why Women End Up Being Cheating More Than Men

Cheating is a dreadful act of treason by the majority of people in a relationship. It can be experienced as a shock sometimes insurmountable for the deceived partner. Far from the cliché that men are the only ones who sometimes have extra-marital relationships, some women may also have an adventure and take action. Why do they do it? This is what we will discover in this article.

12 Reasons Why Women Cheat

1. She needs constant attention

Women are filled when you give them your attention. Some women will have temper tantrums, pretend they need help and even cry just so you can cover them with all your attention. So, if you work most of the time and do not give yourself enough time and attention and forget about it too often, it may become a reason to go wrong.

2. She is bored

Boredom comes from the routine that sets in daily, in bed, and even in your couple behaviors. This can be a reason for a woman to demand change, and perhaps consider an extramarital relationship to bring what is lacking at home such as a bit of madness.

3. She is afraid of abandoning

Fear is an important motivator. The fear of being fired from work always keeps employees looking for a new job, just as short-term prospects of breaking up with you in the short term are enough to get her to look for an immediate replacement. Hence the importance of feeling reassured in your relationship and not fearing the worst at any time.

4. Victim of adultery before

She knows you had a relationship with your colleague. She uses this fact (or rumor) to justify her extramarital relationship with another man. Regardless of whether your brief adventure happened a long time ago, women have an elephant memory.

5. She starts to hate you

She starts to get upset quickly about you for little things, and you squarely neglects. The fact that her behavior has changed towards you means that she will eventually go further and cut off even contact with you. Try to understand the cause and take steps to fix it before it's too late.

6. You are not good at bed

This is obviously the most common reason. You do not satisfy her in bed, so she looks for satisfaction elsewhere. Remember, some women are very picky when it comes to this aspect of the relationship. Try to please her in different ways, if one method does not work for you, try another one or ask her what she likes.

7. You are not rich

Some women are excited about having someone spend huge amounts of money to give in to all their whims. If your girlfriend is this type of women, she will likely leave you for a man with a more interesting bank account than yours.

8. She is sure she will not be unmasked

Some women are so sure of themselves and their ability to have a double life they do not hesitate to act. They are sure of their ability to hide everything and never be unmasked. They are convinced that they will never be caught in the bag and fall into adultery.

9. She wants to climb the ladder of the company

The old story in the books where some women sleep with their bosses to get positions of power at work is still relevant. A lot of ambition can indeed push some women to do this kind of step not very moral.

10. She wants to be desired

Women like the fact that many men are interested in them. This can excite them and lead to an increase in serotonin in their brain, a hormone that manages desires behavior.

11. You show her less attention than usual

Perhaps the most important reason of all, is the fact that you are not as attentive to your wife as you were. Maybe it's work, studies or even a new woman. Do not get in the habit of often leaving your wife, she could start seeing elsewhere.

12. You do not like her anymore like before

It becomes painfully obvious that you are starting to lose interest in her. Realizing this can reinforce your interest in someone else, and have a "rescue partner" once you decide to leave. If you want to keep her, then express your love.