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10 Simple And Easy Tips To Keep Your Car Always Clean

10 Simple And Easy Tips To Keep Your Car Always Clean

10 Simple And Easy Tips To Keep Your Car Always Clean

No matter how much you try to keep it clean, your car always ends up accumulating dirt and dust and you have to clean it up. Whether smells of tobacco, stains or crumbs that accumulate on carpets and seats, it is never pleasant to ride in a dirty car.

There is a wide selection of car care and cleaning products in the shops, but you will not need chemical stain removers that are harmful to your health, clean it and get rid of bad spots and unpleasant odors. Cleaning your car from the ground up is not hard to do. And the good news is that you already have most of the necessary items at home. Here is a list of practical and effective tips for having a perfectly maintained car.

10 effective tips to keep your car clean and flawless every day:

1. Vinegar and baking soda

Thanks to its anti-lime and degreasing properties, vinegar is also a good ally for the car. To get rid of all those dark, dirty stains on the seat coverings and on the floor you just have to mix a few drops of white vinegar with the baking soda to have a paste, then put it directly on the problem area. Let dry completely and then vacuum. You will see it's magic!

2. A foam brush

To clean all the encrusted dust in your air ducts and other hard-to-reach places, nothing beats foam brushes. These are very functional to perfect the finishes and the foam will easily catch dust, making it an effective tool for cleaning. The effect will be almost the same if you use a brush.

3. A toothbrush and toothpaste:

An old toothbrush can be used to clean the slightly dirty corners of your dashboard, your seats and backs. You will be amazed at the amount of dirt encrusted in your seats. In addition to the toothbrush, you can use a toothpaste to wash your headlights. Apply a little and let act, then clean with a soft cloth. Your headlights will be much brighter.

4. Olive oil

To maintain and deodorize your leather surfaces, all you will need is a cloth and a little olive oil. Start by cleaning with soap, and soak the leather or skai part with oil. Be careful not to put too much, because it may make your seat fat to the touch. However, avoid putting oil on the steering wheel, even if it is leather.

5. A bottle of water and a squeegee

Frost scrapers also remove animal hair from the back seat of your vehicle. For this, you must spray a little water on the surfaces concerned and pass on the rubber squeegee. The bristles will easily catch on and your seats will be cleaner.

6. A natural deodorant for car

Say stop to toxic perfume diffusers and opt for a natural and effective deodorant. Simply mix a few spoons of baking soda and a few drops of your favorite essential oil or available at home, in a glass jar and pierce the lid before closing it to eliminate the odors of your car. Put it in a cup holder and your car will smell fresh and good all the time.

7. Vinegar and newsprint for windows

Fill a spray bottle with vinegar, after a few minutes spray then wipe your windows with newspaper. It sounds crazy, but there will be no trace on your windshield.

8. Bright chrome wheels

Mix equal amounts of water and vinegar and put this mixture in a bottle. Spray your wheels and clean them with a cloth to make them super bright.

9. Better maintained tires

To keep the tires from breaking down, mix a little baking soda and water into a paste, apply it to your tires by rubbing lightly with a brush, then rinse. Your tires will become like new.

10. A car wash anti chemicals

Instead of paying for a car wash that covers your car with chemicals, instead opt for a wash with all-natural liquid Castile soap - which is made from vegetable oils and mix it with water. Wash and rinse your car, and you will be blown away by the result.