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8 Sleeping Positions Couples Must Avoid With Partner At Night

8 Sleeping Positions Couples Must Avoid With Partner At Night

8 Sleeping Positions Couples Must Avoid With Partner At Night

Sharing the bed with your partner provides a lot of well-being. Nevertheless, adopting certain sleeping positions, your partner can indeed alter the quality of your sleep, discover them in this article!

Everyone knows that sleep is decisive for the proper functioning of the body. Moreover, it occupies 1/3 of a life of the human being. Nevertheless, for it to perform its role of repairer, certain conditions are indeed required, because many factors can alter its quality and deprive us of the benefits it provides especially when sleeping as a couple.

Indeed, in the image of digestion and breathing, the role of sleep is fundamental on the physical level as well as psychological and intellectual. It is for this reason that it must be given the same importance as the other vital functions of the body by promoting the conditions leading to a so-called deep and restful sleep and avoiding those altering its quality especially when sleeping as a couple.

Indeed, sharing your bed with your partner has a multitude of benefits: reduce stress and promote a sense of security. However, this cohabitation can disrupt your sleep: snoring, incessant movements, discussions ... In short, a multitude of factors that prevent you from making the most of your sleep. But are there other factors that can also disturb your sleep? Yes of course ! The positions adopted by one of the partners during sleep can indeed cause a sleep of very poor quality, as examples:

1. The Medusa:


In this position, mad about this hair and puts his partner in an uncomfortable position! Then opt for the position of the spoon which is to put your hair on the other side to enjoy a good sleep.

2-The Head lock position

Head lock position

Sometimes your partner wraps his arms around you without knowing that it can be risky for you and could cause you to choke. By cons you can put your head on his chest but he must leave his arm behind your back or outside.

3-The Boa constrictor
Boa constrictor
Sometimes you like to touch your partner's face while sleeping. Of course it's a sign that you appreciate it. But putting his hand on his face can cause him a lack of oxygen because by putting your hand on his nostrils, you can block them. So this is a position to avoid and replace by the position of the love knot that is to say that you position yourself at the same height as your partner to avoid any risk of asphyxiation

4. The fugitive position
The fugitive position

Some partners move so much that over night, they can push you and you eventually fall to the ground. The solution in this case is to give it more freedom by leaving an empty space between you or to reverse the side where you are used to sleeping.

5- The Selfish Maki Roll or Furry Balance
Furry Balance position

Our pets especially cats and dogs usually like to keep us company even in our beds. Unfortunately it hurts the quality of our sleep. That's why it's better not to allow them to come to your bed. Put them in their basket in another room of the house to benefit from an optimal sleep.

6. The position of Cold Feet

position of Cold Feet

During their sleep, feeling cold feet, some people resort to this trick of placing them on the back of their partner to warm them up. If this is your case, know that it hurts the good sleep of your partner because it is suddenly awake and not really in a good mood. So to preserve your well-being and that of your partner, it is better to sleep with socks or a warm foot bath before bed.

7. The position of the quilt thief

The position of the quilt thief
Seizing the duvet during the night seems like an ordinary gesture in a couple sharing the bed. However, this is a point not to neglect because one of the two partners is embarrassed and can even catch cold. So you only have to buy a very large duvet or two quilts to ensure your sleeping comfort and that of your partner.

8. The Stomach snoozers
Stomach snoozers position
This position is not entirely appropriate considering its harmful consequences on health because it can lead to torticollis, headaches, body aches, sagging breasts, deformation of the spine which obviously influences the nervous system. If it is difficult to change this position, use a flat pillow or sleep directly on the mattress by putting a pillow under your belly.