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This Is Why Women Flee Men According To Their Zodiac Sign Correct Your Imperfections Quickly!

This Is Why Women Flee Men According To Their Zodiac Sign Correct Your Imperfections Quickly!

Why Women Flee Men According To Their Zodiac Sign Correct Your Imperfections Quickly!

The signs of the Zodiac are 12, they are supposed to correspond to twelve models of different personalities with their qualities, their faults, their love profile and more. In this article, astrology teaches us about the character traits of women who drive them to flee men.

All signs of the zodiac do not have the same behavior in love, some are more attractive, others will flee more quickly ... Let's discover why women flee men according to their zodiac sign!

Why do women flee men according to their zodiac sign?


You often escape relationships because of your restlessness and fear of commitment. You have no problem falling in love and keeping everything under control. You like to experiment with new things and when things get too comfortable, you start having doubts. Stability and sustainability are not part of your goals.


You scare men by leaving no room for error. You love deeply and are a dream partner, attentive, warm and generous. Sometimes you tend to perfect things and you do not like the others not doing the same on the first try.


Often you do not know what you expect from a relationship or life in general. You often expect a partner to solve the problems and hassle of everyday life for you. Instead of helping and supporting each other, you rely entirely on your partner.


You tend to tell your partner how he should feel. Although your strong intuition helps you read and understand people more easily, it can cause problems in your relationships. You try to project your feelings on your partner instead of listening to what he has to say. Your partner often feels oblivious to you.


You like to control everything, even feelings, your partner tends to lose his freedom by being guided. You must let your partner breathe, because a successful relationship respects everyone's desires and feelings first and foremost.


Your permanent guilt and doubt gnaw at you all the time. When you feel good in a relationship, you immediately start thinking about the negative things that can ruin it. Although your partner supports you, he may have a problem realizing that you feel as if your relationship is a big mistake.


You make your partner believe that he has to compete with others. It's good to be surrounded enough but it can negatively affect your partner, he will often feel obliged to fight for you and for your attention. In the long run, it will become exhausting.


You tend to sabotage your own happiness and you have a problem accepting that you have the right to be happy. Instead of enjoying the present moment and giving in to emotions, you wonder if the relationship will survive.


When you are in a relationship, you are often passive, carefree and optimistic. These trends do not put at ease your partner, you give the impression that you think only of you. Your partner may feel like the only one involved in the relationship.


You are rather pessimistic in love, although you are practical and focused, which is great for your career and your ambitions. As a couple, your partner often thinks that you have everything under control and that he does not need to intervene. More communication couple will do you good.


Instead of supporting yourself with your partner, you try to protect yourself in a relationship. Your need for self-preservation has a negative impact on your relationships and this is probably the result of being hurt in the past and therefore having trouble being forthright and open. You feel better when you keep things for yourself, however, this can hurt the relationship.


You tend to scare your partner into thinking that everything will be solved alone. You connect easily with people, but when the relationship becomes deeper, you become idealistic and impractical about the problems you face. You have your head in the clouds and you somehow forget to handle the real problems.