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Bad News For Couples Who Post Often On Facebook

Bad News For Couples Who Post Often On Facebook

Bad News For Couples Who Post Often On Facebook

Many couples post their privacy on social networks, either through Instagram photo sharing, Facebook love messages, or loving thoughts on each other's walls. The expert Nikki Goldstein comes to reveal all the truths about this phenomenon! Are these couples really happy?

Northwestern University conducted a study to analyze the relationship between social media posts and happiness in a couple, and it turned out that those who share their life more often are less happy in their relationship. Contrary to what they let appear! Suddenly, do not jealous of vacation photos or expensive jewelry of your friends as a couple. Know that happiness is not always at the rendezvous! Here is the proof ...

The reasons couples share their love on social networks

Affectionate Messages: Couples who like to post love messages, pictures or funny jokes usually do it for people to notice and perhaps idolize their relationship in one way or another. They seek the reactions of others to comfort themselves.

Convince: Couples who appear frequently try to convince themselves that everything is fine. If they put a big public facade, maybe everything will work out.

Promote: Nikki Goldstein explains that couples who publish often on social networks, are much more interested in promoting their relationship online to fight against the insecurity of the couple.

Study: A survey conducted by Northwestern University conducted a study of 100 couples and their use of social media. The researchers found that the person in a couple who appears most often tends to be the most insecure in the relationship.

Validation: Nikki added that such couples often seek approval for their relationship through the reactions of those around them. The likes and comments on what they share are a kind of confirmation of their relationship.

Build trust: Many couples post pictures of themselves to build trust in their relationship. Often couples are so busy taking selfies that they miss the present moment.

Staging: There is nothing wrong with posting photos of you and your partner. Where the problem arises are the photos where there is a lot of staging in order to boast.

Memories: The expert Nikki Goldstein continued her analysis by explaining that a photo can simply be a memory of a good moment shared as a couple, that the couple can see again later to remember the time spent. But these couples who take photos and share them immediately on social networks, are generally concerned with the reactions of people more than the moment they share with their partner.

Possession: Some people like to show their partner as if it is a property. Sharing photos of their couple is a way of saying loud and clear that the person in the picture is mine!

Some tips from an expert!

Stay nice! To each his conviction, some couples appear in line others not. The expert says that the most important thing about whether a couple wants to share things on social media is to stay cool and fun.

Be honest ! If you want to publish things about your couple, do it in an honest, personal and fun way!

Be realistic! The expert Nikki Goldstein suggests that one must always ask the question if the image left by the posts on the social networks really reflects the true reality of the couple or not?

Disconnect! It is important to disconnect from social media from time to time. In Denmark, the Happiness Research Institute wanted to know what would happen if people left Facebook for a week. Thus, they conducted an experiment that involved 1,095 people. And the result is amazing! People felt significantly better in their lives after a week without Facebook.

Be concerned about the couple! Another question that the expert thinks is important: Are we concerned about how others perceive our couple or the couple in themselves?