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eToro Bitcoin Ethereum Trading: 6 Reasons To Make Money Safely With CryptoCurrencies

eToro Bitcoin Ethereum Trading: 6 Reasons To Make Money Safely With CryptoCurrencies

Bitcoin on eToro Trade Cryptocurrencies

eToro was born from the idea of the brothers Ronen and Yoni Assia in 2006. They developed a social trading network, using a brokerage company as a platform to connect members to other traders. The brokerage firm is registered as a Cypriot investment company (CIF) in Cyprus and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the United Kingdom.

Etoro has more than 5 million members from 170 different countries, they have overcome the first hurdle of social media platforms, prompting users to use it.
One of the most interesting aspects of eToro is that they offer a wide variety of instruments; commodities, indices, equities, currencies and crypto currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, Dash and Litecoin.

Etoro Cryptocurrency

Etoro Trading Crypto-currencies : Bitcoin, Ethereum

eToro is one of the first brokers to offer cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, Dash and Litecoin) access as a CFD. This allowed traders and investors to profit from the volatility of these markets without having to buy cryptocurrency directly.

Given the phenomenal growth we have witnessed in 2017, it was a good time to get involved in the crypto-world. EToro is one of the first to offer CFDs for cryptocurrencies, which means that many investors will have benefited from cryptocurrency trading.

Crypto-currencies have significantly outperformed other asset classes, with growth of over 5000% in some cases.

Some opinion on eToro shows that it was the first broker to offer access to the cryptocurrency market before their growth, which indicates the vanguard of the company, not only for the safest assets.

Due to the enormous price fluctuations of many crypto markets, it is not surprising to see large spreads, however eToro has reduced spreads to provide a better opportunity for its members.

Cryptocurrency trading of Bitcoin, Ethereum as CFD means you do not need to buy the underlying product, which gives you, as an investor, a reduced risk. This is because you only need to put some of your capital into trading, since the rest will be matched by the broker based on their leverage levels. So you can invest your funds elsewhere.

Etoro Provides Investors, From Beginners To Experts, With A Comprehensive Crypto Trading Experience, On A Powerful Yet User-friendly Platform

The most interesting aspect of eToro is their social network. Trading is a difficult skill to master and often requires a lot of time, money and effort to make a profit. EToro is aware of this, and introduced a social platform, they managed to bring the trading to the masses. And in a relatively safe way.

If you are new to the world of trading, you can copy traders who have been successful and profitable for years. You can see their experience and the assets they exchange. With this information, you can compare traders and decide who fits your risk profile, track them and copy their trades. You can then take advantage of winning traders and earn the same percentage they take.

Why successful trader would allow you to earn money with their transactions? 

Despite the size of a market, the more people who trade in your direction, the better. However, the main reason professional traders can copy their trades is because they are paid.

When a trader executes a trade-based transaction, the trader will take a commission when the trade is copied, regardless of whether the trade is positive or negative.

It's a win for both parties involved. The more traders copy a professional trader, the more he will earn commissions.

Copy trading has developed strongly nowadays, with many brokers offering a similar service, but eToro is one of the best and it is difficult to lose customers when you offer a quality service.

Etoro Provide Resources and Training

The main resources made available by eToro come from its social network. The ability to copy exactly the transactions of others is a great feature, as well as checking the traders' statistics, including a chart of their percentage hikes and the portfolios they currently hold.

Not only can you copy the traders, but they have also launched an "eToro trading" feature in which you can invest in copyfunds, which diversify your portfolio according to the fund you follow. Your risk will be spread over different assets, and instruments are also available to show you the distribution of risk, in a single sector or in a few sectors.

There is even a live news service that allows you to track any asset of your choice and receive updates on other members who follow it. You can also create a list where you can get access to the assets of your interest and stay up to date.

The Trading Platform of Etoro
The trading platform is very simple and easy to use. It greatly simplifies life for beginners and helps their training.

The platform consists of a menu on the right that allows you to navigate through the platform, offering you several options. You can create a price list of the assets you want to monitor. You can create lists based on your investment needs.

eToro - Platform

The markets you can trade are under "Trade Markets" and they include; digital currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, Dash and Litecoin, ETFs, stocks, indices, commodities and currencies. Crypto-currencies have their own section, showing the growth they have had. 

If you click on "Copy People", you can see all the best investors, and all their profits as well as their risk index. The risk index gives you an idea of the risk tolerance they have. The higher the value of the index, the greater the risk they run. It is advisable first to understand what your level of risk is and then look for investors at your own level.

Performing a transaction is very simple, just click on 'Trade' and a window will open. Here you can manage your risk by selecting the amount you intend to invest and your stop loss level.

eToro offers 3 platforms: eToro Webtrader, eToro Openbook and eToro Mobile Trading. The Openbook is an advanced version of Webtrader because it shows in real time what traders do. This includes order fulfillment and management. You can also talk to people via the chat service. You can also make it invisible if you do not want to chat with the users in the network.

The last platform is for mobile devices. It allows you to place orders and manage them. You can also quickly access your account, and withdraw and deposit whenever you want.

Deposits and withdrawals

You can deposit by various means like credit / debit card, bank transfer, Paypal, Webmoney, Skrill, Neteller, Western Union and MoneyGram. As you can see, it is very easy to fund your account. Before you deposite, you will need to check your account. This is possible by sending documents proving your identity and your place of residence. It is very common among brokers and is made for security reasons. The minimum deposit for eToro is 200$.

eToro Payment Method

If you intend to deposit by bank transfer, the minimum is 500$, while in other ways it is 200$. There is a maximum deposit threshold for some means, ranging from 5,000$ to unlimited.

There is a minimum withdrawal amount of $ 20 if you use Paypal and Skrill. EToro commissions include a small charge for the withdrawal transaction, depending on the amount you intend to withdraw. There is also a bonus system on eToro that changes frequently, so be sure to be up to date for this amazing bonus.

All withdrawals will be made using the same means as the one used for deposit, which will make it harder for thieves to steal your money.

EToro Reviews - Customer Support

When opening an account, the staff is very helpful and friendly. More importantly, they do not harass you before opening an account. They understand that investing your money in their account is a risk and do not force you to do it.

They offer 24-hour customer support in 8 different languages (including Chinese, Russian and Arabic). You can contact them by email, fax and live chat. They have also established an interactive Q / A section where traders can find answers to generic questions that are frequently asked. This can be found via the eToropedia section.

Being regulated by FCA, eToro must meet their requirements. One of these precondition is that in case of bankruptcy, all users are insured up to a value of their account of 80,000$. The chances of eToro going bankrupt are very low at the moment.

Build your ultimate crypto portfolio in Etoro

  • Trade a wide variety of leading cryptocurrencies and crypto crosses
  • Follow each coin’s trends with advanced charts and analysis tools
  • Create a custom Watchlist and stay informed with real-time updates
  • Staking service – Grow Your Crypto While You HODL
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