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Google Is Recording Your Voice. Here's How To Hear And Delete The Records

Google Is Recording Your Voice. Here's How To Hear And Delete The Records

Google Records Everything You Say.How To Delete The Records

The protection of privacy, the confidentiality of user data, a debate that is raging in recent years especially with the advent of social networks and the Web 3.0 where everything is connected and connected. So more and more users who are concerned about their private data are asking themselves a lot of questions. According to The Independent, Google's voice search feature does not turn on until you request it. On the contrary, it records almost everything. A leak indicates that Google started doing so in June 2015!

Are you wondering where are the voice recordings you make to search on Google?

Listen to the recordings

You can listen to the recordings that Google has stored and associated with your name simply by visiting this webpage.

You will also know that Google knows each of your movements on the Internet by visiting this page.

Both web pages contain information not only from computers, but from any Android device connected to your Google Account.

If you have used the "Ok Google" command to perform voice searches, you must click "Activity Controls" and then "Manage History" under "Voice and Audio Activity" (live link) to listen to the recordings. stored.

For example, you used the voice control feature to set a timer on your Android smartphone. Google has stored the recording. So when you click on Play, you hear exactly what you said using "Ok Google".

Here's how Google explains the audios they store:

When you use audio activation commands, such as "Ok Google" or touching the microphone icon, your private voice and audio activity stores voice and other audio on your account.

How to delete the records?

Fortunately, if you're not very happy that Google potentially has hours of your voice in its database, you can delete these files.

Next to the title of each file, you will see a checkbox.


Just select this box and click Delete.

Google says that it stores recordings to enhance your experience with the voice search feature.

If you want to permanently delete all audio files, Google makes it easy for you by accessing "Delete activities by" at the top left of the "My Activity" page.

Using the drop-down list under "Delete by date", select "All period" as the date, then at the bottom click on "Delete".

How can I prevent Google from recording again?

Now, preventing Google from recording will result in limited functionality if you use an Android phone or the company's search engines.

However, if you are someone who cares a lot about your privacy, start by never using Google's voice search features again. Track by disabling Google's voice search on your smartphone:

1. Navigate to settings
2. Tap the "System Settings" tab
3. Search for "Language and Input"
4. Find "Speech Recognition" and press the "Settings" button
5. Tap "Detect Ok Google"
6. Move the slider to the left to disable the option.

Check your privacy settings

In addition to audio files, Google may keep records of your web searches, location history, YouTube views, and other information.

On "My Activity" click on "Activity Orders" from the menu on the left, you will find all the activities that can be recorded by Google, then you can change your preferences for the following activity categories:

- Web activity and application
- Position History
- Device information
- Voice and audio activity
- YouTube search history
- History of videos watched on YouTube

Finally, you can also use Google's privacy control tool to check your privacy settings and tailor them to your personal preferences on this link.

Feel free to share this valuable information so that more and more people know the destination of their personal data and how to protect them!