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Here's How To Get Rid Of Dry, Cracked Feet Quickly

Here's How To Get Rid Of Dry, Cracked Feet Quickly

Get Rid Of Dry, Cracked Feet Quickly

Feet are undoubtedly one of the most requested parts of our body in everyday life, but they are not insensitive. Neglecting them can have obvious repercussions from an aesthetic or medical point of view.

The nature and causes of dry, cracked feet

Like the hands, the feet require a minimum of attention and care, otherwise the health of the latter can take a serious blow, especially because of dehydration and the constant pressure exerted on them.

In need of protection, the podal skin is wrapped in a thick enough layer made of keratin.

In these conditions, the driest and the least flexible parts of the foot can only crack over the years leaving room for cracks and thick layers of scales that can be as painful as unpleasant to see.

Good habits to take

First of all, remember to hydrate them regularly by using moisturizing creams adapted to messages and make sure to expose them as little as possible to certain chemicals that can degrade them, some soaps or shower products can also attack the skin of the skin. feet and harden it.

The type of shoes you wear is also important in this medical equation, because it is comfort that will relieve the pressure that could be on the foot. For this reason it is highly recommended to avoid shoes with high heels and without buttresses because they concentrate a large part of the weight on only one part of the feet, namely the heel. Overly flat shoes are, for their part, clearly discouraged for people with cracked feet.

For people, however, who are already beginning to have manifestations of cracks or whitish layers especially at the heels, elimination of this mass of dead skin remains essential, using dedicated rasp for this purpose, the purpose being to smooth maximum skin which helps prevent cracking.

A must-have solution to adopt!

After a busy day of work, it is always a good idea not to forget to take care of your feet but especially to get rid of all these callosities that make them lose their beauty and which can even be the cause of unsustainable pain. .

This tip is to be taken as a remedy for people with this problem but also as an effective method of prevention against the latter, to do this you must have:

- 2 tablespoons of baking soda
- a moisturizer
- A pumice stone, it is possible to replace it with a scrubbing glove
- 4 to 5 liters of warm water

It is also recommended to use lavender essential oil for its soothing properties of all disorders or skin diseases in general, not to mention its very fragrant smell.


It is first necessary to dissolve the baking soda in lukewarm water, then to add (this remains an option) a few drops of the sublime essential oil of lavender.

This mixture will serve as a soothing bath for the feet for about fifteen or twenty minutes, following that will come the turn of the scrubbing glove or the pumice stone which will serve to rub the parts of the feet concerned by the crevasses.

Then, it remains only to apply a suitable moisturizer, they are usually creams containing glycerin known for its moisturizing properties. In this case, the latter is substitutable for certain oils such as coconut oil. After this treatment, it is mandatory to keep your feet in cotton socks to keep their moisture.

It is advisable to apply this remedy once or twice a week in case of dry and cracked feet, otherwise it remains a solution of choice for the care and the protection of the feet to practice until twice a month, especially in period summer.