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Here's How To Remove The 20 Pounds Of Toxic Fats That You Have In The Colon

Here's How To Remove The 20 Pounds Of Toxic Fats That You Have In The Colon

Remove The 20 Pounds Of Toxic Fats Colon

The accepted idea is that the colon or "large intestine" is neither more nor less than a "means of transport" allowing the digested food to cross the body before being evacuated in the form of stool, and that is where the error lies, because its role in the body is much more important, in this case, a colon in poor health can cause more of a dysfunction in the human body

The role of the colon

First and foremost, the functioning and usefulness of such a mechanism should be understood in order to determine whether neglecting it may or may not pose a health risk, as well as how to immunize it against hazards. who could possibly watch him.

The colon acts as a "filter" in the human body, so it is not for nothing that it is the last stage of our digestive system. At each digestive operation, this device is required to eliminate all kinds of waste, toxins, absorb water and certain categories of vitamins. And it depends on the type of diet adopted, that the colon, like the entire digestive system, operates more or less quickly.

Normally, digestion is done in 24 hours, however nowadays it takes much longer because of the current consumption of food with little or no food value, ie essential nutrients for the body. As a result, it can take up to 60 hours to complete.

An unhealthy diet does not only make digestion slow and tedious, it also lowers its efficiency and allows deposits of waste and other toxins to form in the colon, with the cumulative this harmful layer increases the thickness of the walls of the colon and becomes a favorable environment for more than one type of toxins, poisons and impurities. 

Constipation is one of the very first problems resulting from this dysfunction. This intestinal intoxication does not stop at the colon, it gradually spreads to reach all organs since the device responsible for the filtration of this waste in this case becomes itself vector of microbes.

Colon cleansing, a solution to adopt!

Cleansing is a radical and highly recommended solution to rid your colon of all the poisons it could accumulate over the years, it must be performed under the supervision of a medical specialist after a colonoscopy with the advantage of evaluating the state and degree of intoxication of the intestine, all accompanied by a balanced diet rich in fiber. Among its most notable effects:

- Stimulation of the digestive system: the elimination of waste will obviously be easier and more fluid.

- The improvement of the assimilation of the vitamins: facilitates enormously the transmission of the nutrients useful to the body towards the blood.

- Energy optimization: when the task of the colon is facilitated, the body can regain some of its energy reserves which will give it more vitality!

- Reducing the risk of constipation: a purified colon will be much less likely to be affected by constipation because the latter is the result of an accumulation of impurities.

- The fight against colon cancer: a carcinogenic infection can take place if the toxins are not removed from the body as soon as possible, the gastrointestinal system responsible for their elimination must be in good health in order to hunt them as quickly as possible.

The improvement of fertility: the latter is also not immune to the devastating effects of auto-intoxication: certain chemicals that can be ingested directly affect ovulation and sperm production.

- Balancing the pH: prevents the body from having too high levels of acidity, which are caused by food settling inside the large intestine.

- The contribution to weight loss: which says digestion more effective, necessarily says easier elimination of unnecessary pounds!

- The improvement of the skin: once your body rid of all the waste residues there, the effect on the external aspect of your skin will not be waited!

We have so far only dealt with physiological effects, what about the psychological effects?

- Improved concentration: As surprising as it may seem, a gastrointestinal system failure affects your ability to focus and feel better.

- The establishment of well-being: rid of all that overloaded, your colon will be lighter and you too!

Detox treatment to clean the colon

In order to reap all these benefits, it is essential to follow a course of detoxification periods, there is a very effective form of a mixture to drink between 5 to 8 times a day. Simply mix all the ingredients and consume this drink for 15 days. This cure developed in 1940 by Stanley Burroughs is composed of:
  • 2 teaspoons of organic lemon juice
  • 2 teaspoons of organic maple syrup
  • 1/10 teaspoon of cayenne pepper
  • 300 ml of purified water