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You Probably Think Those Are Just Ladybugs In Your House, The Truth Is Much More Dangerous

You Probably Think Those Are Just Ladybugs In Your House, The Truth Is Much More Dangerous

get rid of Asian Lady Beetle

When it comes to insects, we tend to dread some more than others. Indeed, between an extremely annoying fly and a tiny ladybug, the choice is quickly made. However, we must not forget that a fragile and harmless appearance is not always revealing, as is the case for the Asian ladybug, a variety of poisonous and very harmful ladybugs. Let's take a closer look.

Lady Bug Control:

Unlike the European ladybug, harmless that is recognized by its small size and small black dots with a well-defined outline on the back, the Asian ladybeetle is distinguished by its slightly larger size and poorly designed spots.

Existing in several colors, ranging from red to black, through several shades of yellow, it feeds on aphids, psyllids, mealybugs and failing, larvae of other lady beetle.

Also known for its proliferation speed and voracity, it has been introduced in Europe and the United States to help control crop pests. What farmers did not know was that this biological control weapon was double-edged.

When Asian ladybugs leave crops to invade homes

At the coming of autumn, the harbinger of winter and its cold and icy temperatures, Asian lady beetle, attracted by the sun-lit surfaces such as the walls, do not hesitate to invite themselves into the houses. quest for a warm hideaway, waiting for better outside temperatures. They come not tens to settle in the different rooms to live.

With their annoying habit of wanting to taste all the surfaces on which they arise, they nibble the human being as well. Even if their bites do not represent any health hazard, they are not at the least embarrassing and unpleasant.

In addition to being invasive, reducing the quality of life of people whose homes are colonized, these small critters are also very harmful to pets.

In fact, a gentleman, whose dog amused himself by chasing them out of the garden, noticed that his dog was no longer as dynamic as before, that he slept a lot and skipped his meals. Worried, he watched him closely and immediately took him to the vet when he saw him lathering in his mouth. Once examined, it was revealed that about thirty Asian lady beetle clung to the animal's palate, preventing it from feeding properly.

How to get rid of Asian Lady Beetle?

Seeing these insects occupy much of the walls or windows of their homes, many people are tempted to crush them to get rid of them. However, this particular gesture is to be avoided absolutely. By crushing it, you will release the foul-smelling liquid that the Asian ladybug usually uses to drive away predators, and a stubborn yellow spot will remain visible where it has been crushed.

According to Dr. Alex Wild, an entomologist at the University of Texas, the best solution is to use the vacuum cleaner to trap them in his bag, then empty it outside, thus avoiding odors, stains and bites .