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She Rubs Salt On A Lemon, When You See What She Does, You Will Want To Try It Too!

She Rubs Salt On A Lemon, When You See What She Does, You Will Want To Try It Too!

Rubs Salt On A Lemon

Most people know the traditional uses of lemon to soothe sore throats or add a little citrus flavor to foods. However, the diversity of lemon uses far exceeds general knowledge including cleaning. And if the salt and lemon combination can replace your highly toxic detergents? Here is a list of impressive uses of salt and lemon.

Salt is inexpensive and incredibly versatile, and if you have a lemon tree in your garden, you'll be happy to know these tips to keep your home naturally clean. So when you have time to devote to your home, here are some tips to try:

Lemon and salt for a clean board

The cutting boards get dirty very quickly. To keep them clean, you can use a little lemon and salt. Dip the lemon in the salt and rub it on the tray. You will be surprised by the result.

Remove mold from your clothes

Mold on clothes? Many people have this problem especially after a whole winter season. To get rid of it quickly, prepare a mixture of salt and lemon that you rub on the affected area, then let it dry in the sun. Repeat the process until the stain disappears.

Get rid of stubborn stains on marble

Detaching marble from a trace of tea or coffee is not always an easy task! Many products are available for sale to clean but not always effective. Here's a simple and effective grandmother's tip to remove a stubborn stain from your marble surfaces. Cut a lemon in half, dip the exposed flesh in a little table salt, and rub vigorously on the stain. Rinse well and take care not to damage the marble because the acid is strong enough.

Lemon and salt to clean the shower

The shower is often the nest of bacteria in a house, here is a natural recipe and not expensive to clean. Thanks to citric acid, water deposits and soap scum will be broken down. Put lemon juice in a sprayer to act as a disinfectant with antibacterial and antiseptic properties. If not, place a layer of salt on the flat surface and soak it with lemon juice, leave for a while, rub and rinse. The result is spectacular!

Lemon and salt against rust

Say goodbye to rust! Mix with water, salt and lemon juice, dip in your silverware or steel object, let stand for 30 minutes. The oxidation spots will disappear.

Besides this combination of lemon and salt, here are some other useful tips for a nice interior

Clean the freezer

A mixture of white vinegar and hot water can remove stains from your freezer. There is no need to scrub because the stains will disappear immediately.

Plastic bins in the refrigerator

You can avoid a messy refrigerator by using plastic bins to store fruits and vegetables. In this way, the shelves will be cleaner for a longer period.

Clean the blender

If your blender is suffering from lime buildup, mix a lemon with some dishwashing liquid and water and mix to clean.

Whitening white clothes

Mix 1/2 cup of lemon juice with about four liters of very hot water. Dip the clothes in the solution. Avoid using this trick for silk clothing, rather for cotton and polyester. Let the clothes soak for an hour to a night, depending on how the clothes need to whiten. Remove the clothes from the mixture and wash them as usual.

Your carpets cooler

To make your carpets cooler, mix a few tablespoons of lemon juice in a cup of baking soda. Sprinkle the mixture on your carpet, leave for a few minutes, then vacuum.

Get rid of cat litter smells

The bad smell of cat litter is often stronger than a house deodorant spray. Know that you can neutralize it by cutting two lemons in half and placing them in a dish or bowl in the room where the litter is. It will not take much time before the air is fresh and lemony.