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13 Secret Things That All Women Do When No One Is Around To Judge

13 Secret Things That All Women Do When No One Is Around To Judge

It's always nice to be alone at home, you can empower certain things you would never do in front of people for fear of judgment. Sally Nixon is an illustrator who has tried to represent the everyday moments of a single girl at home. And the result is extremely endearing!

Here are the favorite moments of all girls when they are alone at home ...

Naps on the couch with the little dog

The nap is a natural need with invaluable benefits especially for the woman, few girls will not find pleasure in napping during the afternoon on the couch with the dog next door. It is so nice !

Disorder in kitchen

Living in disorder is not often unpleasant, on the contrary it can be a source of creativity. Girls sometimes want to spend their days eating pizzas, and leave the box in the kitchen without storing. It feels good from time to time!

Gland with friends

In a society where performance and hard work are at the pinnacle, glander is not often defended. Yet spending time with friends doing nothing is important for the brain. It seems that disconnecting is good to memorize!

Brushing your teeth in the shower

This is a completely common practice among girls, and it is far from commonplace because it saves water. And then it does not hurt anyone?

Have a companion in the toilet

Having your pet all over the toilet is a sign of loyalty. Finally, a companion is always there!

Crying in front of a TV show or movie

Expressing your sensitivity is not always easy in front of people, but when a girl is alone, she will not deprive herself of externalizing her feelings in front of a sad or romantic scene.

Drink the bowl of milk like that ...

Throwing yourself on the bowl of milk and drinking it all at once is something a girl will do only by being alone in her dining room, especially when she is hungry when she wakes up.

Eat the leftover food

Far from good manners to apply in public, eating leftover food is something a girl will do without being embarrassed. Just the thought of not wanting to spend time preparing to eat is a good reason to motivate yourself and swallow the remains found in the fridge.

Eat in bed

Although it is not always clean to eat in bed, it's so nice to relax in bed, eat and continue your nap quietly.

Eat the cake directly in the mold without using cutlery

A lazy routine that does not want to do the dishes after eating her chocolate cake, so she decides to eat directly in the cake pan.

Change yourself by creating disorder

A girl alone in her room will not necessarily put away her pajamas, her panties or her jeans, she feels free in her space. And then a study has proven that people who live in disorder are often the smartest!

Everywhere naked

Relaxation and relaxation are important for a girl, strolling naked in her apartment is a unique moment that allows to detach from all the social norms that exist.

Do not wear pants

Without tight pants, spending time wearing only panties and a t-shirt is one of the things a girl loves to do when she's alone.