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7 Signs That Prove That Your Guardian Angel Is Trying To Contact You

7 Signs That Prove That Your Guardian Angel Is Trying To Contact You

Many phenomena are considered supernatural because they can not be explained rationally. That's why there are different beliefs about spirits and what's around us every day. Among these spirits are the angels who reflect the divine power and are the intermediary between God and men. They are defined as messengers, existing well before the creation of the universe.

And even if the opinions remain divergent concerning the origin and the existence of the angels, these beings of light accompany us in the difficult moments of our life and help us to find a solution in the face of a dead end. When we feel depressed or sad, the angels are there to reassure us. Indeed, a protective spirit, which can be illustrated by the presence of a deceased relative, watches over us. 

This guardian angel is always trying to communicate with us to keep us on track. Discover the signs that prove that your guardian angel is trying to communicate with you!

The 7 demonstrations that prove that your guardian angel is trying to contact you:

1 - Light changes

Among the manifestations of your guardian angel, you can see changes in contrast of brightness. If you are in a dark room, a soft white light may appear symbolizing the presence of a protective spirit. In the same way, the appearance of a colored reflection can indicate its presence because the angels prefer soft colors of the spectrum in order to be visible by the human eye.

2 - Temperature changes

You feel a strange and pleasant thrill with a feeling of warmth that surrounds you? It is surely that your guardian angel is near you. The room where you are suddenly changes temperature, whether hot or cold, when a protective spirit is there. However, this change of temperature is never associated with a feeling of fear and anxiety, on the contrary this change in temperature is reassuring.

3 - Unexplained smells

In addition, light and temperature, the appearance of familiar smell like the smell of tobacco cigarettes of a deceased loved one, its scent or a sweet smell and reassuring like incense while no incense is lit in the house indicates the presence of your guardian angel.

4 - Voices whispering in your ear

This supernatural phenomenon sometimes causes confusion because hearing voices is like paranoia. But it turns out that your protective spirit is trying to communicate with you. So if you hear your name and no one is with you, it's just your guardian angel. He communicates with you by audible words or inspired thoughts, that is to say ideas that he transmits to you in order to solve your problems.

5 - Feathers

Through supernatural experiences, we can see that angels are symbolized by their feathers. That's why when you notice the presence of a feather on your bed, on a piece of furniture, or whirling in the room where you are, it means that your guardian angel is trying to contact you. The color of the pen is also very important. Generally, the feathers are white and signify the purity and sanctity of the angels but it is also a way to tell you that your deceased loved ones are doing well and to reassure you about the presence of a protective spirit at your side.

6 - Dreams

During our sleep, our brain disconnects from the outside world, giving way to dreams. In these, several entities manifest themselves giving us the strange impression that our dream is real. Indeed, you can meet your guardian angel during your dream and this is proof that he is trying to communicate with you. This type of dream is often very realistic and your protective spirit may turn out to be a member of your family who has passed away. You will then wake up with a feeling of intense joy and well-being to have seen that loved one whom you cherish and who miss you so much.

7 - Your pets change their behavior

Domestic animals and especially dogs and cats are sensitive to the presence of spirits. They recognize the subtle energies that are present in their environment. If your dog or cat stares at doors, windows or a place where there is nothing, barks at something invisible and flees a room, this indicates that a spirit is in your house and is probably trying to communicate with you.

Be sure to pay attention to these manifestations of your guardian angel as well as your intuition. Being accompanied, even spiritually, is a privilege so take advantage of his presence to communicate with him serenely!