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Here's How To Avoid Unexpected Death In The Night

Here's How To Avoid Unexpected Death In The Night

Avoid Unexpected Death In The Night

Unexpected death is actually the abrupt death of an individual who, however, did not have any particular physical illness or abnormality. It is rather frequent in infants but remains nevertheless a problem which concerns just as much adults since it makes 40 000 victims per year, in France of which in this case, of adults.

Common Causes of Sudden Unexpected Death

Often seen as a simple unexpected respiratory and cardiac arrest, this type of death is usually caused by heart problems. Information that is actually confirmed by statistics that show that 90% of sudden deaths are of cardiac origin.

However, other non-cardiac causes may be behind such accidents, such as stroke, anaphylaxis, or pulmonary artery obstruction by a blood clot, also known as "pulmonary embolism".

Obesity, overweight, cholesterol and high blood pressure can increase the risk of sudden death in adults, and people who smoke are also at higher risk.

Death during sleep

A good deal of sudden death occurs during sleep, which is why we decided to warn you against this kind of risk. In order to avoid this, we will first of all talk to people who are used to waking up in the middle of the night because, for example, of a sudden urge to urinate, which means that you can not to prevent you from leaving the bed Know that this is a crucial part that everyone should be aware of.

The reason behind this is that when you wake up in the middle of your sleep after a urge to urinate and jump from the bed to the bathroom, you stand up too quickly after lying down. This causes insufficient blood flow to the brain. That's why it's important to consider the "3-minute break" rule.

The ECG (electrocardiogram) pattern, that is, the plane by which electrical activities related to myocardial contraction are distributed, can be modified because of the sudden change in the situation in which the body has to distribute the bloodstream. in the brain, which can lead straight to heart failure.

"The 3 half-minutes", what is it really about?

Put now to solutions! You certainly suspect that there are reflexes to adopt to drastically reduce the risks of this unexpected end! Here they are :

1 - When getting up from the bed, avoid sudden movement, no matter if you sit down or stand up. Stay in bed for half a minute.
2 - The next half-minute, so try to sit in the bed.
3 - Relax your legs while sitting on the edge of your bed for the last half-minute.

After a half-minute break, you will not suffer from this lack of blood circulation in the brain, which will significantly reduce the risk of sudden and unexpected death.

It would be pointless to remember that healthy eating, regular physical activity and avoiding all bad tobacco and alcohol habits should be neglected so that your body does not decide to to let go when you least expect it!