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She Taps Her Two Middle Toes Together, The Reason? It's Ingenious!

She Taps Her Two Middle Toes Together, The Reason? It's Ingenious!

She Taps Her Two Middle Toes Together

Shoes are the sins of women, only we can not wear all the shoes that make us crack. Sometimes the feet pay dearly for the toes. Find in this article tips to preserve your feet and also to extend the life of your shoes.

We have all suffered one day or another shoe damage on our feet: marks, blisters, irritation, discomfort of blood circulation or deformation of the toes. Having compressed feet all day long, the condition of the feet begins to deteriorate. But not only that, shoes too; they wear out as they are worn and as time passes. Here's a tip for people looking to relieve the agony of their feet and others simple to ensure a long life to their shoes.

The trick of two glued toes:

If you love to be perched on high heels or have an opportunity and are apprehensive about wearing heels, this tip is for you.
When you tap your two toes together (second and third from the big toe) with tape or tape, this will allow the nerve under the toes to not move too much and reduce tension.

Tips for taking care of your feet:

- To prevent the appearance of blisters: Coat the interior of your new shoes with deodorant stick to limit friction between the shoe and the skin.

- Relieve the pain caused by your shoes: If despite all the measures taken to avoid the blisters you have anyway, soak your feet in tea 10 to 15 minutes to calm them down. Then wipe them well, coat them with aloe vera and massage gently. This will help reduce irritation and redness.

Tips for taking care of your shoes:

- Make your shoes waterproof: With beeswax, your canvas shoes will be protected from cold and rain. To make your shoes waterproof, cover their surface with beeswax and protect yourself from a hair dryer to soak wax on the shoes.

- Broaden your shoes: To widen your pair of shoes there is this method of filling 2 plastic bags with water and close them well. Then place each plastic in each shoe ensuring that the laces are undone and the shoes open. Leave them in the freezer until the water bags are frozen, the solid state of the water will gradually expand the shoes. Take the shoes off the freezer and let the ice melt at least 30 minutes. Finally remove the water bags.

- Restore whiteness with toothpaste: The toothpaste has many unusual jobs. It is very effective against dirt on sports shoes or white shoes in general. Simply apply a dab of toothpaste on an old toothbrush and gently rub the dirty areas. If in some areas there is tissue leave the toothpaste for 2 to 3 minutes and wipe with a damp sponge and wrung out.

- Hunt bad odors: To expel the bad odors of sports shoes soak them in water mixed with vinegar. Put a weight on top of the shoes so they do not float and stay submerged. The effectiveness of vinegar lies in its pH. Indeed, knowing that vinegar is acid unlike odors that are basic, the latter manages to neutralize and get rid of it.

- Make shine your polished shoes: With the time, the varnished shoes become dull. To regain their radiance, use Vaseline. Just take a clean rag and some Vaseline and coat the shoes. Make sure there is no excess fat.

- Remove stains on your cloth shoes: You can use cornstarch to remove stains including grease on cloth shoes. Sprinkle the cornstarch on the stains and let stand for 20 minutes then rub with a cloth.