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The Smartest Zodiac Signs (The Answer Is Really Surprising)

The Smartest  Zodiac Signs

In addition to providing information on the character traits and the love life as well as intimacy, the zodiac signs can also say a lot about the intelligence of each. Indeed, some signs of the zodiac are smarter than others or have a particular form of intelligence. To discover in this article.

Often measured by intelligence quotient (IQ), intelligence comes in different forms. Indeed, we can distinguish between analytical intelligence, intuitive, creative or even perceptive. Thus, each person may be intelligent in his own way and distinguish himself by specific cognitive qualities and performances.

The signs of the zodiac also have their say in matters of intelligence. Indeed, some signs are known to be smarter and are characterized by different skills.

What are the smartest zodiac signs?

Before answering this question, we will first define the different forms of intelligence:

The analytical intelligence that is related to cognitive abilities (deduction, analysis ...).

The perceptive intelligence that corresponds to the way we perceive the world.
Practical intelligence refers to people's common sense and the logic with which they think.

Intuitive intelligence, which has nothing to do with IQ, is much more abstract because it concerns the subconscious, specifically intuition. This type of intelligence refers to abilities related to emotion management, introspection, empathy, understanding of signals ...

Aquarians are considered to be the most intelligent signs in analytic matters, while Scorpions are the most intelligent in terms of perception. But other signs can also be distinguished by a specific type of intelligence and excel at it.

Perceptive intelligence: the signs of water (Scorpions, Cancer and Pisces)

Scorpions are among the most difficult signs to deceive. They are very smart and insightful and have this ability to know the intentions and motivations of each person regardless of their behavior. They also have the ability to understand what others feel.

Analytical intelligence: the signs of the air (Gemini, Libra and Aquarius):

The signs of the air are distinguished by their analytical intelligence, often considered to be true intelligence. These people rely on logic and ideas rather than emotions. They are also known to be very sociable, something that stimulates their intelligence.

Intuitive intelligence: the signs of fire (Aries, Sagittarius and Leo):

Intuitive intelligence refers to the intelligence of the subconscious. To put it simply, the brain accumulates a lot of information on a daily basis, without really being aware of it. These are normally treated by the subconscious and feed the intuition, which makes decisions that seem generally logical at a specific time.
The signs of fire are characterized by intuitive intelligence and often make good decisions. They are also people who take risks and do not miss opportunities by following their intuition.

Practical intelligence: the signs of the earth (Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn):

Practical intelligence is associated with logical intelligence. People who possess it are distinguished by their common sense and strong logic. The signs of the earth are perceived as people with powerful practical intelligence. They are real hustlers who can easily solve problems.