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This Teenager Was Killed By Her Iphone During Her Sleep

This Teenager Was Killed By Her Iphone During Her Sleep

Teenager Was Killed By Her Iphone During Her Sleep

When most people get ready to sleep at night, they always look at their phones, to see the messages they have received and what is happening on social networks, it is a habit that the millennial generation will not be able to to abandon. The dependence on technology is so great that many lives have been lost because of it over the years.

Dependency on Technology

The computer and the mobile phone are among the technological advances of the 20th century. But this progress has not only advantages, it also has disadvantages.

In one study, researchers asked follow-ups to give them a personal opinion about technology. In fact, they wanted to know if, in their opinion, society was too dependent on technology and if so, why?

The results were one-sided. 77% of respondents believe that society as a whole depends too much on technology to succeed. Some answers looked like this: "Thirty years ago, 90% of children went out to get some fresh air and play sports. Moreover, they enjoyed themselves and enjoyed life. Currently, over 75% of our children play video games and stay at home. And now, we have a weight problem with our children. Childhood obesity is a growing concern for our nation. ".

Walk around a university campus and see how many times you find two people standing next to each other, but do not say a word to each other. People have shown that they can make conversations over the Internet and over the phone, but have a hard time making face-to-face conversations. Conversation is now considered a skill in today's society, and people should not have to avoid face-to-face contact because of their reliance on a cell phone or computer.

The age of technology users is also decreasing because parents buy phones and tablets from young children instead of playing them outside and having a normal childhood.

Although you have to appreciate the technology and the opportunities it brings, you have to draw certain limits, otherwise it may become harmful, or even put your life in danger. Moreover, the story we are going to present is a clear testimony of this.

Another victim of technology

A teenager died after being apparently electrocuted in her sleep by her iPhone cable.

It is believed that Thi Xoan, 14, touched the faulty charging cable that is not a charger originally delivered with the phone.

She was unconsciously discovered by her parents and taken to the hospital where doctors did everything they could to save her life, but she was pronounced dead later.

Thi Xoan died after being shocked by its damaged iPhone cable. The doctors confirmed that she died after an electrocution.

The investigators said she slept regularly with her iPhone on her bed while he was plugged in to charge the battery all night long.

They said that this tragic event probably happened while she was sleeping and she had to touch the charging cable of the iPhone, which included rips, and electrocuted it with the current.

The cable has been inspected, but authorities have indicated that they have not yet determined whether it is an original Apple cable or a counterfeit cable.

In a photo showing the burned cable, it seems to be shorter than Apple's original 50-centimeter charging cable.

A tape was also rolled around the front of the cable, suggesting that the victim may have been aware of the cable's wear, but decided to continue using it anyway.

The story of this teenager is one of many that reminds us of this generation's dependence on new technologies, an addiction that can put the lives of young people at risk. It is also a reminder to consumers to avoid counterfeit electrical materials, especially chargers, which are of poor quality and which can cause human and material damage.