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The New 7-day Lemon Diet To Burn Fat And Detoxify Your Body

The New 7-day Lemon Diet To Burn Fat And Detoxify Your Body

Lemon is known for its high vitamin C content, but this citrus also contains potassium, magnesium and copper. All are essential nutrients for health. If you want to lose the extra pounds, this citrus is your ally. Here is a lemon-based diet that you can follow for 7 days, it will help you burn fat and detoxify your body.

For a drink as pleasant to prepare as to consume, the list of benefits of lemon water is impressive. Even if you are not a big water drinker, just knowing how this drink can have magical effects on your body and mind can make you change your mind!

How lemon water helps to lose weight?

The lemon contains pectin, a soluble fiber that helps you feel full quickly and for as long as possible, which will prevent you from nibbling throughout the day.

The acids in the lemon also encourage your body to treat the good things of the foods you consume more slowly. This prolonged absorption means that insulin levels remain stable and you get the most nutrients from the foods you eat. Better absorption of nutrients means less bloating. Lemon water will also promote enzymatic functions in your body by stimulating the liver, which helps eliminate more toxins.

Detox thanks to lemon water!

Many people who have tried this 7 day detox say a lot about its effectiveness! Before talking about this lemon-based diet, here are some of its benefits:
  • It treats eye disorders
  • It strengthens the blood vessels
  • It is rich in strong antibacterial properties
  • Lemon is an excellent fruit in case of respiratory problems
  • It fights intestinal worms
  • It promotes good vision and perfect skin
  • It neutralizes free radicals
  • It helps to dissolve kidney stones, calcium deposits and gallstones
  • It cleans the intestines
  • It detoxifies the liver
  • It alkalinizes the body
  • It burns fat

Day 1 : Begin by drinking lemon water on an empty stomach
Place a few slices of lemon in a glass of warm water and let stand a few minutes just to finish your morning routine (make your toilet, brush your teeth). Consume this lemon water, wait 30 minutes and have your breakfast! Do the same thing before lunch, preferably 30 minutes before eating.

Day 2 : Detoxify and mineralize:
Drink plenty of mineral water during the day, at least 2 liters and continue with lemon water in the morning and afternoon. For even better taste and results, you can also add a few slices of your favorite fruits!

Day 3: Lemon water at lunch
Drink lemon water in the morning on an empty stomach on the third day, but for lunch you should consume it at the same time as your meal instead of taking it before. Consume plenty of mineral water with a maximum of juicy fruit all day long!

Day 4 and 5: -A redo
During these two days, you must repeat the same thing as day 3.

Day 6 : Limit the amount:
Just like day 3 with the only difference that the number of glasses of lemon water will be limited to 2 per day!

Day 7 Make it a habit
You should have a glass of lemon water in the morning on an empty stomach the last day. This routine will detoxify your body, strengthen your immunity, burn excess fat, alkalize your body and much more.

Precautions to be respected for this diet:

It is best to use mineral water, lukewarm. The ideal temperature would be that of the body, 37ºC, to facilitate the assimilation of lemon water by the body and obtain faster results.

The use of organic lemons is essential or wash the lemons with water and baking soda.

This citrus fruit is not recommended for people suffering from ulcers, digestive disorders, kidney problems or citrus allergy.

Accompany this diet of a balanced diet and the practice of a physical activity!