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Classification Of Zodiac Signs From The Most To The Least Crazy

Classification Of Zodiac Signs From The Most To The Least Crazy

When you're in love and you live your life as a couple, the worst thing that can happen is the breakup. This is not desired by anyone, but, alas, this is part of many couples' stories. Some people manage to recover from these breaks, while others make this experience a nightmare for them or their ex-partner. Discover in this article a ranking of the zodiac signs of the craziest partners after a breakup and those who are the least.

1. Scorpio
Scorpio are dangerous because they hide their bad game with humor. They tend to take everything you do as a transgression against them. If you go on a trip without them or if they learn that you are going out with someone else, they will find a way to make you feel guilty.

2. Leo
The Lion are ex crazy partners because the breaks affect their ego terribly. It is difficult for them to face the humiliation of telling everyone that they are no longer in a relationship. It's not because the Lion are mean by nature, it's just that they take the person they love for granted, and stopping this process is really painful.

3. Gemini
Gemini ranks third on the list. They do not know what to do with themselves after a breakup because they hate living alone. Gemini women can easily send a text message that describes their love for you. The next minute, they will send you another text that details why they are angry with you.

4. Virgo
The Virgin looks cold and distant from everything that has happened, yet they bubble inside and make you live paranoid scenes. The Virgin is one to let all their irrational thoughts ferment and explode one day on their ex. It's their way of saying they hate them.

5. Pisces 
Pisces are the most emotional ones. After a breakup, they tend to dramatize everything. They will send you several text messages with poems that talk about your meeting and will spend their time immersing themselves in art or other activity to dwell on their remorse.

6. Cancer
After a breakup, Cancer has in them a desire for revenge that ends up turning into some form of self-doubt. Cancer is also the most attached to the family, to friendly relations. Of all the signs, it is probably Cancer that has the most difficulty losing the love of their partner.

7. Capricorn
Capricorn gets indignant when they lose their partner. Capricorns are structured and autonomous, and usually channel all their energy to try to improve or improve their lives in a quantifiable and visible way. They will eventually move on and they will see you as not being up to it.

8. Libra
Libra are romantics, which curiously serves them after a breakup. They know they can find love again. They quickly give the impression of not being obsessed by you in order to make you suffer. Anyway, they create the illusion of bouncing fast and hard, and one way or another, it works.

9. Aquarius
The funny thing about Aquarius is that when there is a break, they do not feel it as much as the others. They may be heartbroken, but they will channel all their energy into another productive thing. It is this inability to express or show their true feelings that causes them problems in their relationship. They are easily disengaged from all their relationships.

10. Taurus
Bulls are too prone to pretend things are still stable on the surface. They do not want to see reality and end up deceiving themselves into thinking that they are happier after separation than they were before. A former Taurus partner will not show you that he is suffering from the breakup. But be sure he does not forgive and forget easily.

11. Sagittarius
Sagittarius are cold after a break. They do not internalize their grief and are most likely to find something else to do. The Sagittarians do not lament, sometimes recover quickly breaks and also manage to get back in relationship with their ex.

12. Aries
When a Aries leaves you, he usually does not care. Aries intellectualizes life, and so when it appears to him that you are incompatible or that your relationship is not going anywhere, staying together seems to be an illogical thing to do, and in that case, why sit still and worry about it? So he moves on without much remorse.