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Do Not Remove Any Weed If It Grows In Your Garden. Here's Why.

Do Not Remove Any Weed If It Grows In Your Garden. Here's Why.

If you are a gardening enthusiast and have a home garden yourself, you know how weeds can be a nuisance and sometimes a real hell. On the other hand, if there is indeed a "weed" not to be removed or removed from your garden, it is the pursuit! Discover why.

Do Not Tear Out Any Weed If It Grows In Your Garden. Here's Why.

Often considered a weed, the purslane is actually a vegetable plant beneficial to health. Stuffed with antioxidants, it would detoxify the body dramatically ...

What are the benefits of this plant so little appreciated and at least so little appreciated at its fair value?

A plant with unsuspected virtues

Like a weed, purslane has unsuspected virtues. Indeed, it is full of minerals and vitamins A, C and E, making him a health ally par excellence! Also rich in potassium, magnesium and iron, this one is very good for bones and teeth, nervous system, muscle function and is also known to strengthen the immune system.

Because of its omega-3 acid content, it would prevent cardiovascular disease and promote blood circulation. It is also used against muscle contractures and fight against skin irritation. For this, simply rub it on the skin.

In addition, chewing a few leaves of purslane would calm the skin inflammation and promote the healing of small gum wounds. Purslane would also calm sore throats and digestive irritations ...

If you had a habit of removing it from your garden, do not do it anymore and enjoy all these benefits now.

How to cook purslane?

You can eat the purslane simply in salad, cook it gratin or even stew. It can also be prepared like fresh spinach, cooked in the pan!

The stems and leaves of the purslane can also be stored in vinegar, such as the preparation of pickles. You can very well incorporate it in almost all your salads! Gorged in water, it is a plant that mixes perfectly with arugula or young beet leaves.

Purslane prepares very easily! Simply cut the base of its stems, wash the leaves under the tap and pass them in the salad spinner.

Above all, do not soak the leaves in the water: they will lose their vitamins. In addition, the purslane is naturally waterlogged!

Precautions for use

Cooked cooked and believed purslane does not present a priori any contraindications or risk of toxicity. However, if you suffer from allergies to certain foods, avoid consuming in large quantities, especially if it is raw, because it could lead to undesirable digestive effects. It is therefore advisable to consult your doctor or an allergist ...