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4 Exercises To Do To Have A Flat Stomach (Very Easy!)

4 Exercises To Do To Have A Flat Stomach (Very Easy!)

For some and some, taking care of yourself and your body has become a top priority today, even an obsession ... We can not blame them (at least not totally), because regularly indulge in Exercises and physical activities of all kinds can only be good health initiatives. Overview of the best exercises to perform to get a flat stomach (without abs please ...).

Exercises To Do To Have A Flat Stomach

It is no longer a secret that whether you are a man or a woman, when you gain weight and want to lose weight later, the abdominal area is the one that gives the most trouble generally. Indeed, abdominal fat is often the one that is the most difficult to remove during a diet or when you simply decide to lose weight. This is explained by the fact that it is essential to the body! This is what many doctors in this respect explain, by defining abdominal fat as a subcutaneous fat whose main mission is above all to constitute a physiological and energetic reserve for our organism.

But if you still want to lose this fat, certainly beneficial for us but still recalcitrant, there are simple and effective exercises to achieve more or less quickly. Discover today 4 exercises that will help you, for sure, to lose belly. And do not forget: a healthy and balanced diet and good hydration are all important for weight loss ... so let's go!

The board :

In addition to stabilizing your spine and relieving your back pain, the board contracts your abdominals and sheaths your belly in an incredible way. This exercise is perfect if you want to get a flat stomach and strengthen your back or balance your whole body. No matter what kind of board you'll be playing (high board through which you extend your arms or low board in which your elbows are bent), this exercise strengthens your muscles in depth and helps you tone your body.

For faster results, try doing the board exercise for 60 seconds. If you do not succeed the first time, hold the position of the board for 10 seconds and then give yourself a break of 5 seconds. Feel free to repeat the same exercise for three days in a row and rest for two days. You can also increase the number of seconds if you want and if you can of course.

The first results should appear after two or three weeks of exercise!

The bridge on two legs:

The bridge on two legs is an excellent exercise to strengthen muscles. Simply lay on the floor and bend your knees, then glue and lift them while keeping your arms and feet on the floor. Lift your hips so that your knees, hips and shoulders form a perfectly straight line. Stay in this position for a few seconds (10 to 20 seconds for the more adventurous), then go down slowly. Repeat the same movement a dozen times to begin.

After a few days, you will be able to increase the number of seconds as well as the number of movements if you feel able to do it!

The straightening of the legs:

In addition to stimulating your abdominal muscles effectively (by contracting them in particular), the exercise of straightening the legs is also excellent for the lower back. It's enough for you to lie on your back. Then lift your legs and keep them as straight as possible. Inhale by contracting your abs and then exhale while lowering your legs. Repeat the exercise fifteen times. After a week of exercises, you can already see the difference. And do not forget, it's not your legs that you target but rather your abdominals. So remember to contract a maximum every time you lift your legs.

The climber's exercise:

This is the perfect exercise to burn a lot of calories while working hard on your abs! This exercise consists of placing one's hands apart on the floor. You will need to raise your chest and put your feet back so that your legs are taut. Then you will have to perform a bicycle movement with your legs. You will constantly have a flat back.

The climber's exercise has the distinction of being one of the exercises that best target the abdominal strap. Indeed, your abdominal muscles are directly used in addition to the leg muscles! You can practice this exercise for three minutes each day. As you feel comfortable with it, you can do it a little longer ...