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Girlfriends Ranked From Worst To Best Based On Zodiac Signs; We Are Sincerely Sorry For The Scorpions

Girlfriends Ranked From Worst To Best Based On Zodiac Signs; We Are Sincerely Sorry For The Scorpions

Girlfriends Ranked From Worst To Best According To Zodiac Signs

The astrological signs can be source of several information especially with regard to love. To avoid disappointment in love, it is possible to study the character and behavior of your partner which will help you in your choice and in your manner of dealing with him. In this article, you will discover a ranking of girlfriends from those who could be worse than those who would be the best according to the signs of the zodiac.

Understanding the zodiac sign of your potential partner can help you know why and how she makes certain decisions in the relationship. This can save you a lot of stress while guaranteeing you a happy relationship.

Scorpio (12th)
Going out with a Scorpio woman will be difficult because she does not know how to mince her words when she has to speak. One can sometimes find it hard of character, but it's just that she does not know how to turn around the truth. She will also take to heart any mistakes you make.

Virgo (11th)
Despite her efforts, the Virgin woman will always feel that she is not doing enough for you. She self-criticizes herself excessively and can easily become jealous. You should then constantly convince her of your love.

Aries (10th)
A Aries woman is impulsive and your life will always be filled with decisions made in a hurry. Its rush will sometimes push you to start projects without understanding the advantages and disadvantages. A Aries woman is also strong in character and you may feel like you're out of control of your relationship.

Taurus (9th)
The Taurus woman loves her freedom so much that she will not want to lose her by having a relationship with you for a long time. She seems to need no one to fill her insecurities and if you do not take your relationship seriously with her, or if her freedom is compromised, she will not hesitate to leave you.

Cancer (8th)
The Cancer Woman is a woman who loves to blossom, who likes to take care of her partner sometimes in an exaggerated way. Thus, she will require the same enthusiasm from her lover, which can be annoying. If love is not returned to her as she expects, she can easily have unbearable depression fits. With his mood swings, you will always have to be very careful.

Leo (7th)
The Leo woman is brave and ambitious. Her adventurous nature likes to explore pleasures in their diversities. Thus, she may require her partner to be as open and audacious as she is. If you do not live up to your expectations, you'd better be ready for frequent arguments. It can not stand slowness and unambitious men, so think carefully before you commit.

Aquarius (6th)
The Aquarian woman can be very difficult to understand and if she falls in love with you, she will want to keep her individuality and independence at all costs. In fact, if she feels that her freedom is about to be threatened, she will stop the relationship immediately.

Gemini (5th)
The Gemini woman is a woman with a double personality: one who is synonymous with pink and the other who is like a thorn. Her pink personality (smile, charm) will attract you to her, but her thorny side (impatience, thirst for excitement) will push her to be unfaithful. And if she feels that you do not agree with her dual personality, this could lead to an insincere relationship.

Libra (4th)
A Libra woman is extroverted because she hates being alone. That's why it can attract a lot of people. If you know that you have a jealous temperament, then avoid a relationship with a Libra girl.

Capricorn (3rd)
The Capricorn woman is determined and ambitious. She hates mediocrity and laziness. Sometimes she may seem domineering, tending to play the male role in the relationship. She likes to protect those she loves and will fight to save her relationship, even if it is capsizing.

Pisces (2nd)
The Pisces woman is usually easy in relation. She is just a little shy and will need a little extra help to start a relationship. Her conservative and reserved nature helps her to keep secrets. If you meet your emotional needs, you will reap the rewards of loyalty and stability in your relationship.

Sagittarius (1st)
The Sagittarius girlfriend is a real passionate and very dedicated in love. She never feels like she has done enough and can easily fill you with pleasure. You must prove to her that you are as devoted as she is and all will be well.