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How Long Would You Survive In A Horror Movie Based On Your Astrological Sign

How Long Would You Survive In A Horror Movie Based On Your Astrological Sign

In every horror movie, there are different identities and personalities. There is the brave, the arrogant, the intellectual, the fearful ... And so on. Have you ever imagined yourself in a horror movie? How long do you think you would hold? It turns out that your astrological sign could give you the answer to this car as a protagonist of a horror movie, it is your personality that will decide your chances of survival.

How Long Would You Survive In A Horror Movie Based On Your Astrological Sign

Most horrors begin with something called "opening murder". This means that unfortunately you would be the first to leave even before you have time to realize that you were in danger. You would be dead very quickly.

You would not last very long, because you would be dead after the opening assassination. The major disadvantage you have is that your death would probably be the least memorable of the entire movie. People are generally very sad after the first massacre. But after the second, they do not care so much.

This sign is one of the most promising of the film, until he stops listening to his fear. If you listen to your instinct, you would be at the other end of the country, far from the threat. Unfortunately, Pisces usually bite the dust shortly after the killer has re-emerged.

You are one of those characters who are dying off screen. Nobody is really aware of the scene in which you died, or even remember when you die. The most important thing to note is that your name is added to the list of victims. We will at least remember you.

People have a lot of hope about you because they really think you will survive. The passion you have when it comes to defeating the killer's plans pushes you to give the best of yourself, except that unfortunately, you do not survive alive.

If your arrogance was not unbearable, you would survive. When you decide to share the hiding places with your friends, you will be the only one to insist on seeking refuge in a scary basement rather than a safe place elsewhere. Your stubbornness would cost you your life.

You are a true leader because you surprise everyone by sacrificing your own life just to save others. While everyone panics, you create strategies to keep everyone safe. But in the end, you have direct contact with the killer. Unfortunately, you are unable to overcome it.

You try to run and save yourself while others die. But the killer ends up attracting you to his trap. It is actually karma that catches you because of selfishness in not trying to help your friends.

You would be the most likeable character in the movie and everyone wanted to survive. Unfortunately, you would be left in a vulnerable situation and not survive. In any case, you will have helped and protected the main character to the end.

You would survive until the very end of the film. How? Well, it will happen that you are actually the killer. Nobody will have guessed it. Are you surprised? Considering the unhealthy thoughts that go through your mind, it's not at all surprising coming from you.

You will be remembered as something Hollywood calls "the final person". It almost means that you will survive to the end, but do not expect to forget what happened. You will continue to have nightmares because of the horrors you have seen and observed.

As Virgo, you will be there all along the movie. You are certainly not the main character, but rather the friend who always has a head start. You will be in the future, or in other words, you will be destined to die another day.